12 Quick Tips To Rocket Your Clients Weight Loss



In this guide we will give you some fantastic tips we share at the Academy with our highly committed and much valued personal trainer students to supercharge the way their clients look and feel starting right now.

Implement these 12 TIPS with your weight loss clients, stand out from the crowd and watch your referrals rise.

1. Educate clients on the dangers of consuming artificial sweeteners including diet drinks

2. Avoid eating ‘convenience’ and processed snacks and meals such as crisps/chocolate, pizzas, pies etc

3. Eat plenty of vegetables with at least two of their daily meals especially consume those grown above ground

4. Make EFFECTIVE strength training a regular part of your life – 3/4 times per week would be great

5. Walk briskly for a minimum of 12 minutes per day

6. Eliminate foods that contain processed and refined sugars including ingredients that end in OSE like fructose, maltose, sucrose etc

7. Drink plenty of water – Evian, Volvic or Vittel are the best – as a minimum the water should be filtered. Ideally how much your client water your client needs to drink is based on the following formula – their bodyweight in Kg’s multiplied by 0.033 = their daily water intake in litres.  For a person weighing 80Kgs this is 2.7 litres

8. Always eat breakfast

9. Eat quality fats found in butter, olive oil, coconut oil etc and organic or free range animal proteins

10. Avoid all alcohol

11. DO NOT DIET – the first three letters of the word DIEt give the game away and instantly tell your client their chance of success.  Instead instruct your client the need to eat every 4 hours thereby stabilising their blood sugar levels which is good news to assist with losing fat.

12. AVOID all grains especially those coloured white – this tip includes wheat and all wheat based products.

Follow the above simple 12 tips and just see how many of your clients start to improve the way they look!


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