PT clients will seldom consider that their unique training programme has been devised by our London personal trainers who use great skill and expertise to design and develop a bespoke programme for their training needs.

So here’s a summary of our top 3 secrets to craft awesome programmes for your PT clients.

Secret 1 – Never Second Guess Your Client’s Wants

It’s vital to take the time and consult to gather vital facts and key knowledge about your client.

Ensure that there are effective means to identify:-

Client goals/objectives

Current levels of fitness


Nutritional habits

Lifestyle traits

Learn to ask great questions and probe – the more information at your disposal the better your training programme.

Secret 2 – Assess the Flexibility of Your Client

Way too many trainers stretch clients muscles which on analysis require no flexibility work and therefore, omit many muscles that actually do require flexibility improvement. Identify which of your client’s muscles need to be stretched and why. Assessing your client’s current flexibility status determines exercise prescription and reduces the risk of your client sustaining an injury. Keep them injury free which means you can continue earning from the relationship!

Secret 3 – Choose Exercises Which Match Daily Movement Patterns of Your Client

Probe your client to identify what movements they need to do during their day. Your job is then to simply marry up exercises that closely match these movements your client engages in during a normal day. For instance, a mother who has to bend over to change a nappy on her young child would require exercises that reinforce this bend movement pattern. To strengthen her lower and upper back would require an exercise like a barbell bent over row.

Our best London PT graduates implement these 3 awesome secrets as a matter of routine – no wonder why their services are in such demand!


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