There’s so much to love about being a Personal Trainer. Working with great people, changing lives for the better, being your own boss and deciding your own hours…and where your income is concerned the sky’s the limit!

Like many things in life your personal training career is a journey. To help you go on and maximise your success in this blog we’re taking a look at our top 3 dangers that can damage a truly great personal training business…and how to avoid them.


Danger #1 – Expecting a Quick Fix


The old adage ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ rings true here. If you think there’s a rapid route to qualifying as a personal trainer and charging £100 plus per hour it’s time to think again!

Our best Personal Trainers are experts in what they do. They studied hard, and devoted time and patience and a good old dose of tenacity to their learning. They work closely with their tutor during their course and beyond. Once qualified they set introductory prices to attract clients relevant to their new and starting our status.

And it doesn’t stop there…

They keep learning on the job and off the job continue to build their skills and knowledge. Little by little things start to grow and both their prices and client base grow.


Danger #2 – Negotiating on price


In this day and age expect and be ready for clients to seek a discount.

How you respond will say an awful lot about you so take a pause and give yourself a little thinking time.

You are providing a professional service and need to charge accordingly. After all would they ask a chiropractor or a physio for a discount or even their hairdresser?

I’m not saying flexibility with pricing isn’t important – it’s vital.

However, think carefully about how this is packaged and presented.

In our business skills workshop that is offered to all our newly qualified trainers we run a practical session that looks at developing a range of competitively priced packages for different types of clients.

For example, ½ hour sessions, peak and off peak pricing, blocks ranging from 5 to 20+ sessions and so on. Once you’ve found out your client’s budget keep this tucked up your sleeve and discuss a number of options until you settle on the most suitable.


Danger #3 – Not looking ahead


How much income do you plan to earn this year?

What’s that per month?

And per week?

How many sessions do you need this week to achieve this?

Successful Personal Trainers focus on filling their pipeline and set themselves clear goals to ensure they get there.


We hope you have found this blog useful.  Why not spend a few moments and post your thoughts?


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