1  You’re in Business

Whether you’re just starting out or have been a Personal Trainer for a long time, recognise you’re in business.   Whether this is in a gym setting, hotel, cruise ship, leisure centre or somewhere else is pretty much irrelevant if you are a Personal Trainer, you’re in business and represent your business.

It never ceases to amaze us at the Academy how far down the pecking order PT’s consider running their business to be.

Our advice? Take ownership and running your business the number one priority.

Yes, training clients is a huge part of your role, as is programme design and client care and trust me we are passionate about all of these things…but we know that PT’s have got to be equally passionate about the business side of things.

Consider this for a moment. We provide business skills workshops with our newly qualified personal trainers and we always ask this question. ‘How many hours a day do you think you need to spend on the non-client side of your Personal Training business?’ The majority view? About an hour.

Like everything in life you’ll only get out what effort you’re prepared to put in and in the early stages when you’re building your business you should be prepared to invest as much time as you possible can.

This leads us nicely onto our 2nd tip.

2  You’re a Marketer

In our expertise the best form of marketing to get you on the first rung is word of mouth. It’s free, and doesn’t require a fancy website.

Offer a free seminar to progress and once you have your first few bookings and clients on board ask them if they know anyone who’d be interested keeping your business cards at the ready.   Do a fantastic job with their personal training and your client base will expand.

Reinvest some of your earnings and develop your own website along with social media channels.

Bear in mind the mantra ‘from little acorns grow great big oak trees…’

3  Celebrate Every Success

Be proud of your successes, however small. Some days will be better than others. Enjoy the fruits of your labour, re-energise, and set new goals to move on to the next step.


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