3 Simple Ways to Boost your Fitness Instructor Salary

Three simple ways to Boost Your Salary

Here are three awesome yet simple ways for Fitness Instructors and those looking to become a Fitness Instructor to progress their careers, boost their earnings potential and truly shine on the gym floor!

1 – Be approachable and give gym members feedback

Don’t be shy about sharing your advice and opinions – after all you’re the expert.

Demonstrate a willingness to be proactive and approach gym members. Simple friendly chat goes a long way and the more welcome and valued your members feel the more likely they are to stay a member of your gym. Then, when you’re ready start asking fitness specific questions, offer advice and expertise supporting your members with achieving their goals and ask how you can help.

This ensures customers are getting the absolute max from your gym’s facilities and this will definitely be highly valued by your fitness manager and the management team as a whole.

2 – “Smile and the world smiles with you”

A well-known saying that’s full of truths. Gym members love staff who are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. Being fired up with positive infectious energy is a sure fire way to get noticed by those around you and maximise your earnings potential.

After all there’s no shortage of gyms looking to attract and retain the best of the best!

3 – Find some additional responsibility

A great way of widening your Fitness Instructor remit and boosting your earnings is by getting involved in supervising other members of the gym team. Alternatively you may wish to consider running exercise specific classes such as Spin, Body Sculpt, Body Pump, Pilates or Yoga.

If you want to accelerate your fitness career and boost your earnings potential at the same time, see Our Courses for great Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer options to choose from.


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