Our best Personal Trainers work from a foundation of these 3 very strong traits.

Read on to discover the 3 behavioural traits that separate our Personal Trainers from the chaff.

1 – They are natural motivators

They draw upon a multitude of verbal and non-verbal communication skills and psychological techniques that deliver outstanding results for their clients who are prepared to invest in their services on a long term recurring basis.  Typically our trainers get to work with clients drawn from a wide demographic with exciting and varied training objectives. In short, our best PT’s are able to “move” clients to better fitness through effective and incisive communication.

2 – Love to work with people

Our most successful personal trainers are very popular, busy and fully booked. They are able to engage, relate and interact with clients from a wide spectrum of backgrounds.  In short, they are people orientated and thrive on the opportunity to assist the health, fitness and function of their clientele.

3 – Are naturally curious

Our fully accredited personal trainers are always assessing their clients shape, posture, fitness and much more. They are quick to notice new gains in client strength, a misaligned pelvis, rounded shoulders, muscle imbalances etc. We educate our trainers to be on the watch for positive and negative adaptations and swiftly make effective adjustments to compensate.  This in turn further demonstrates their skill, expertise and credibility.

Think you fit these traits and are looking for a career in this growing industry?

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