The personal trainer market in London is awash with opportunities.  With the economy on the up more and more adults of all shapes and sizes are looking to invest in expert motivation and support to kick start their weight loss, fitness and lifestyle habits.

Once you’ve got your Level 3 personal trainer course underway it’s time to think carefully about what type of personal trainer service you want to offer and how it will best appeal to the typically time poor London clientele.

Here’s three tried and tested secrets from our Academy of Fitness Professionals team to help you get started.


1 – Set a Specific Area

London’s a huge place and there’s plenty of personal training to go round.  Start in an area you know well where it’s easy to get from client A to client B.  Alternatively be based in a gym location or be based in the open fresh air of a London park (but don’t forget to acquire the necessary license).  Wherever you choose make sure that it’s easy to attract the type of personal trainer clients you’ve keen to work with.  Logistically less is more for Personal Trainers as this maximised client time and therefore your earnings potential.  After all if you are travelling form one side of London to the other there could easily be a lot of down time stuck in heavy traffic or on the tube.

2 – Be Creative

People are busy and may not have an hour to spare for regular personal training sessions.  You know from your PT course that massive results can be attained from half hour doses of regular training, but do your prospective clients know this?  Make it easy and hassle free for clients to commit the time in their hectic schedules.

3 – Focus on Corporates

Office based city workers love nothing better than personal trainers who can bring their services to their workplace doorstep.  After a hectic day it’s easy to head straight to the company gym for that booked PT session and let the afternoon rush hour commute die down before heading home.  This is win-win as many companies invest heavily in corporate gyms for their staff which they’re keen to see used supporting their staff with that ever so important work life balance.


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