First impressions count.

It’s true! First impressions really do matter. They set up the initial rapport and relationship you have with your new client or gym member.

To make a great first impression it goes without saying it’s important to look and act the part. You’ll be surprised how many personal trainers fail to clear this first hurdle. But how can you be sure you’re doing this every time? Take a look at our top 3 tips below to be sure your make a great first impression every time.

  1. Smile, shake hands, maintain eye contact and use their first name. Turn friendship on quickly by treating your clients’ how you’d like to be treated and keep a positive outlook.
  2. Pay attention to your professional appearance and conduct. Always look smart, maintain tidy hair, have clean clothes and behave and speak in a way that reflects you’re a great Personal Trainer.
  3. Ask open ended questions. These typically start with how, why, what, where or tell me and assist in generating meaningful and constructive two way conversation.In short these tips help in making a connection and open the door to a great working relationship. 

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