So you’ve decided to become a Personal Trainer in London. You’re not alone – our capital city is an attractive and lucrative place to work. For this reason we’re seeing increased demand from students for our Personal Trainer courses in London at both the Level 3 Certificate and Diploma level.

It’s fair to say that in this type of personal training market you should expect to see some healthy competition. But don’t let that put you off…quite the opposite. With a population that recently topped 8.6 million and is still growing there’s plenty of work and potential new clients out there. Many would also argue that tapping into an established and growing market also makes great commercial business sense.

In this article we’ll be revealing some of the great ways you can kick-start your Personal Training business in a location which typically pays in the region of £60-100 a session.

1 – Fitness for City Slickers

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London’s financial district based at Canary Wharf is full of the world’s largest banks and financial organisations. Their staff work hard, often with early starts or late finishes.  This can mean there’s little time Monday to Friday for much else in between. That’s where corporate services come in with on-site gyms helping to provide that all important work life balance. With staff coming and going at different times of day this provides a steady stream of potential clients.  Why not apply to set yourself up as an on-site Personal Trainer. People will soon spread the word and just watch those client bookings grow.

2 – Check out The Royal Parks

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It’s estimated that 37 million people visit every year. So where better to attract and train your clients from than the luxurious surroundings and 5000 acreage of London’s Royal Parks? There’s 8 to choose from based at Bushy Park, Greenwich Park, Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, St James’s Park, Richmond Park, The Green Park and The Regent’s Park.

Start your Personal Training service by applying for a day rate pass, priced from £50 ex vat. As your client base grows and you know which park/s you want to train from you can then apply for the relevant licence from £280 ex vat, depending on your chosen location/s.

A word of caution though just in case you’re tempted to just do a casual bit of Personal Training – this is a big no. It’s strictly regulated so always make sure you’ve the correct and up to date licence/permit for your chosen fitness activity. 

3 – Spread the word

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Are you the ‘go to Personal Trainer’ clients are seeking out? If your lead generation needs a little boost you can achieve this with client referrals, a killer website and making sure you’re listed on popular search sites such as gum tree.

Make sure you’ve a great social media campaign going and link into popular hashtags such as #London.

4 – Team up with a London Hotel

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Most big name hotels will have a spa and leisure centre available for guests and day rate members.

Offer free seminars where they can find out more about Personal Training and what to expect. Follow up with mini 20 minute taster sessions so potential new clients can try before they buy.

Here in lies a steady stream of Personal Training clients ready to tap into your expertise.


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