If you’re of the mind-set that personal training is all about pumping weights and strength training it’s time for a rethink.  One of the things that sets a great personal trainer apart from the rest is being able to skilfully assess their clients overall fitness levels and use carefully crafted assessments to pinpoint muscles that will greatly benefit from flexibility work and muscles that won’t.


4 Fab benefits of flexibility training for personal trainers

Flexibility is the key to giving your clients body it’s maximum freedom to move.  Sound silly, right?  After all we can all move about so what’s the fuss? Well, as you clients get older their muscles and tendons lose their elasticity. This can pull the body out of its natural alignment and restrict movement.  Even for younger clients sitting staring at the TV, being hunched over electronic gadgets for hours at a time and sitting at their desk for long periods can all contribute to niggling issues.  Examples include; forward head posture, hunched back, postural twinges and back pain.  All issues that little by little over the years can become far more serious.

Flexibility stretching and muscle relaxation can make a huge contribution to restoring range of movement, help correct postural alignment defects and provide a safeguard for later life.

Why we teach flexibility on our personal trainer courses

1 – Flexible muscles maximise our ability to move easily and are better able to translate strength into power.

2 – Flexibility assessments, corrective exercise and the regular use of flexibility related exercises decrease the likelihood of muscle strain and injury.

3 – Flexibility training leads to increased blood flow to muscles and improved circulation.  This is simply awesome for post workout recovery and helps regenerate muscle tissue after a heavy strength based session.

4 – A flexible body is a less stressed one!  Muscle tension slows ebbs away helping to lower associated stress levels with improved mental state. 

Why not give it a go?  Simply lie on the foam roller for a few minutes and give your back a really good stretch. Notice how after a few short minutes this can deliver a whole host of benefits.

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