Personal Training Tips for the Winter Months

With the festive season soon upon us your personal training clients may be tempted to have a break from their normal fitness routine and resume again in the New Year.  If this sounds familiar check out our 4 top tips below to becoming a successful personal trainer during the winter season.  Find out why flexibility is key and how with all the temptation to overindulge your clients need your expertise more than ever!

1 – Be Super Flexible

In our experience it’s not that clients don’t want to see you and continue with their personal training sessions it’s that the diary becomes full with family gatherings, work parties and other events that are not part of the everyday routine.  If you’re able to suggest alternatives that fit into your clients other festive commitments it’s a win-win situation.  Great for keeping your client’s health and fitness in great shape, despite a few indulgences, and great for maintaining your personal trainer salary and client base.

 2 – Pack a Punch with HIIT Training

Many clients are short on time yet desire maximum calorie burn at this time of year.  Bring on the HIIT training which can reach all the key muscle groups and maximise calorie burn in a much shorter space of time.  A half an hour is all it takes to keep things ticking over providing a fitness maintenance programme until the normal routine resumes.

 3 – Design Bespoke Programmes

If your client simply can’t fit in their normal personal training session suggest that you create a programme for them to follow for a week or two.  They are more likely to stay committed if they believe it’s practical to and realistic to train and this approach gives 100% flexibility.  Don’t forget to charge for this programme design and to provide a thorough overview with a review of how they got on the next time you meet.

4 – Time Out

Finally, everyone needs a little down time, even personal trainers! If you find your diary has some free space over the festive season enjoy some well-earned rest and relaxation time and indulge in a few extra workouts.  With a well charged mind spend a little time formulating your plan for the year ahead.  How can you further support your clients? How do you plan to advance your personal trainer qualifications? What plans do you have for your personal training career in the 12 months ahead? Recharged and with a clear plan in place the sky’s the limit!

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