4 Simple Steps to Tackle your Sugar Cravings

Tackle your Sugar Cravings

Sugar… it’s danger is everywhere! It’s hidden horrors and all the perils this can do to your long-term health have left many of us feeling guilty every time we pick up a piece of fruit, never mind that favourite chocolate bar treat.

But before you throw out your recently acquired magic bullet and attempt to banish sugar cravings forever, only to quit a few days in telling yourself it was only a fad anyway, perhaps its time for a reality check.

Find Your Balance

The pressure to quit sugar can seem relentless. However, for the vast majority being completely sugar free simply doesn’t offer a credible option that fits into everyday life.

What’s the Solution?

Find your 80:20. Plan your treats around special occasions and enjoy that glass of wine or dessert feeling guilt free. Its true sugar offers no nutritional value so the rest of the time commit to a healthy diet where meals include a rainbow of brightly coloured vegetables as staples.

Love Labels

Did you know manufacturers can be pretty canny when it comes to sugar labeling and it’s not always the easiest thing to spot deep within the small print?

What’s the Solution?

Go detective and look at sugar quantities for your regular food purchases. Be on the lookout for anything ending in ‘ose and remember that the higher up the ingredients list it appears the greater the quantity it contains of the total product.

Fantastic Fruit

Fruit can get a hard time these days and many of us are confused about the potential damage that seemingly healthy fruit smoothie or bag of raisins is causing.

What’s the Solution?

There are endless benefits from eating a wide range of brightly coloured fresh fruits. From the humble apple which contains a whole heap of soluble fibre to cell protecting berries we’re giving whole fruit a big thumbs up.

When it comes to dried fruits and processed smoothies keep them to an occasional treat. If you’re pretty dependent on your daily smoothie it’s likely to be sugar craving – a signal it’s wise to cut down.

Follow the 50:50 Rule

It’s fair to say the less sugar you eat the less you crave it. Stick with it and you’ll kill your sweet tooth and wonder what all the fuss was about. But going cold turkey isn’t for the faint hearted! Quitting your sugar habit and ridding yourself of all sugar cravingsin one fell swoop can lead to headaches, irritability, fatigue, extreme cravings and typically for most of us produces poor results.

What’s the Solution?

Follow the 50:50 rule. Let’s say your daily breakfast includes a high added sugar yoghurt. Have half the quantity and add half natural. A week in its half the portion again and top up with extra of the natural and so on. Eventually you’ll be converted to the no added sugar option.

Apply the 50:50 rule to other foods containing added sugars, such as half a biscuit with an oatcake and so on, and kill your habit the easy way.

If you’re serious about learning how to stop sugar cravings and tackle your sugar habit, follow these simple steps and kick-start your journey to improved health.

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