5 Amazing Things To Learn On Our Fitness Instructor Course

Working in the fitness industry is an exciting place to be. The buzz and exhilaration of the gym environment, being part of a team supporting people achieve their ultimate fitness goals and working with a vast array of clientele.  It’s a career like no other.

Whilst there’s lots of job opportunities to go round, did you know that employers are looking for that something extra from the next generation of Fitness Instructors? This is the very reason that when you choose to become a Fitness Instructor with us we work with you as an individual, conscious of your ultimate career goals and how we can help you stand out and truly succeed.

Yes passing your course is important but to use it as a stepping stone into the ultimate job offer you need to know how to apply this knowledge both at the interview stage and day to day on the gym floor.

1 – That you are the product

Gyms provide a service to their members so that they can get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle. The product isn’t the treadmill or the free weights,  quite simply it’s you.

We get into the nitty gritty of you as the product early on in your fitness instructor course sharing numerous techniques that will impress your members and wow your boss at that all important interview stage.

2 – How to max out member retention

Your Fitness Manger will always have member retention at the top of their agenda.

Members keep attending a gym, known as member retention because they like the people. What appeals will differ widely from a feeling of being comfortable, relaxed and encouraged through to stretched, pushed and challenged, but it’s the people in the gym team that keep them coming back for more. What would a member do if they regularly felt the opposite to this? Quite simply, they’d leave and this is bad news.

Adopting the same approach with each member doesn’t cut it, so we teach our students the art of member difference. How to get to know their members individually, strike up a relationship and build trust and rapport.

3 – Knowledge is power

Whilst first impressions in the gym setting are built on persona, lasting impressions are gained from knowledge. Demonstrating your skills in both areas is a sure fire route to success, so we teach this to our students in abundance.

4 – That service matters – big time

Gyms are big business and with this comes competition. Most towns and cities across the UK provide at least a couple of options for customers to choose from, if not more! Consistently high customer service is vital to you gym’s success and in a nutshell how much profit they make. Word soon spreads. Gyms with great staff giving fabulous customer service will soon be sought after.

This is so important that we place huge emphasis on teaching you the need to know skills to not only give great service but consistently go the extra mile.

5 – Ideas that innovate

Your Fitness Manager will be challenged to continually think of new ideas that keep members coming back to the gym and that attract new ones. This is likely to come your way in the shape of designing gym challenges, arranging expert talks and running fun competitions.

We recognise that this is a key skill that our students will use in the future and so we teach a whole host of ideas and techniques that will enable you to stand out as a pivotal member of the gym team.


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