5 Awesome Post Workout Proteins

Most people hire a Personal Trainer for a number of reasons. Dig beneath the surface of the generic ‘I want to get fit’ message and you’ll find the majority of clients are seeking your expertise not just for their fitness but for nutrition too.

So here’s an overview of why protein is your clients new best friend and some of the best of the best post workout sources.

Combining strength training with awesome sources of healthy protein is a sure fire way to ignite a process called protein synthesis, and this is needed to kick-start the initial stages of muscle growth.

But as with most things it’s important to get the balance right. The body needs healthy sources of fat and carbohydrate in combination with the protein for maximum benefit.

When your clients are working out and eating in this way they will use the carbs and fat as energy sources. The residual protein is then on hand to repair muscles which actually start to break down a little from the strength workout. But something else happens here. By injecting the cells with this valuable protein source they don’t just restore back to where they were, they get stronger and the cells get that little bit better than before.

Now we’ve got to grips with a bit of the science, check out our top 5 post workout proteins below.


1 – Beef

With roughly 27 g of protein per 100g portion this is our number one choice. Choose lean cuts and remember this protein power house needs a couple of hours to digest.

turkey protein

2 – Chicken or Turkey

Contains approximately 22g of protein per 100g of skinless meat this should feature regularly in a muscle sculpting nutrition plan.

fish protein

3 – Naturally Sourced Fish

With 19g of protein in a 100g serving of white fish it’s easy to see why it’s in our top 3. Quick to cook and a great alternative for a non-meat day.


4 – Eggs

There’s roughly 13 g of protein in a 2 egg serving equal to about 100g. A great post morning or lunchtime workout choice that’s quick to do.


5 – Cheese and Nuts/Seeds

With about 10 – 12 g of protein in a 50 g snack serving of cheese and nuts, these are handy post workout snacks for those on the go.

If you’re keen to develop your nutrition know how and offer an extra service to your clients’ take a look at our nutrition course. Whatever level of exercise practitioner you currently are there’s loads of useful content on combining exercise with great nutrition and how to go on and plan effective nutritional plans to optimise your clients’ results.


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