5 Great Moves for Skiers

A little pre ski exercise preparation will serve you well on the slopes. Improved balance, coordination and strength all help keep you vertically upright and that’s just for starts!

If you’re heading off to the slopes it’s time for a short-term workout rethink…after all you don’t want to be overcome with soreness after day 1 or even worse returning home with an injury. The expert help of a Personal Trainer and a few weeks of solid and consistent preparation will maximise your slope time and you should return home fitter than ever.

The exercises below have all been carefully chosen to strengthen key skiing musculature. They’re best completed circuit style. Beginner’s complete 1 to 2 circuits with 1 minute rest in between.  Intermediates should complete 2 to 4 circuits with 30 seconds rest. If you’re at the advanced level aim for 4-5 circuits all in one go.


1 – Lunges


Beginner           1-6 per side

Intermediate   4-10 per side

Advanced          10-12 per side


Why it’s great?

Strengthens your legs independently and replicates the coordination required whilst on skis.

If you need to be convinced, take a look at any skier and from the very start to end you’ll see their body go through numerous lunges.


 ski lunge


2 – Freestanding Squats



Beginner             2-4 reps

Intermediate     6-10 reps

Advanced            10-20 reps


Why it’s great?

Take a look at the picture below to see the squat pattern in action on skis. By strengthening the quads, core and buttocks you’ll be able to maintain your strength endurance on the slopes.


skiier squat


3 – Swiss Ball Kneel Challenge

swiss ball kneel challenge


Beginner           Seated on the ball, raise one foot slightly and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat on the other side. 4-6 reps per side.

Intermediate    Kneeling on the ball holding onto a fixed support with both hands, hold for 10 seconds. Repeat for 6 reps.

Advanced          Kneeling on the ball with no support, as shown. Hold for up to one minute. Repeat 3 times.


Why it’s great?

This exercise massively improves your coordination and balance and reduces the risks of having a fall.


skiier side


4 – Single Leg Cable Pull

single leg cable push


Beginner              2-4 reps per side

Intermediate     4-8 reps per side

Advanced            10-12 reps per side


Why it’s great?

This is a great move to assist you with weight transference and balance on the slopes. It gives your brain and muscle fibres multiple challenges stimulating improved skiing performance.


skiier weight transference


5 – Dead Lift


Beginner             4 reps using body weight

Intermediate     8 reps using weight bar

Advanced           10-12 reps using a weighted bar suiting your lifting level


Why it’s great?

Strengthens your bend movement pattern assisting your straight line schuss like no other.


skiier strong legs


Programme designed by Peter Lemon, Chief Trainer at the Academy of Fitness Professionals. Peter teaches the Personal Trainers of tomorrow sports specific programme design, prescription and application for skiers, triathletes and golfers, alongside a whole host of other disciplines.


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