Great Questions to Ask Your Personal Trainer

There are numerous reasons people seek the expertise of a Personal Trainer and Fitness Trainers.

Whether you’re new to exercise, a bit of a pro or somewhere in the middle the support, advice and expertise a great trainer can provide can lead to lifelong change in your health, fitness, the way you look and how you feel and function.

Like with most things in life as a general rule of thumb you’ll get what you pay for and location particularly in central London will be a factor. Prices range from £20 to £100 plus per hour and most are flexible so you can tailor the frequency of your appointments to your budget.

But before you dismiss the £20 trainer as a mere novice and the £100 one as the expert it’s worth asking a few questions to dig a little deeper into their background. Match this carefully with your own goals, reasons for choosing to hire a trainer and your budget and you’ll hit upon a winning formula.

Our top 5 questions to ask:

1 – What type of qualification do you have?

It is imperative that a personal trainer holds a REPs Level 3 qualification as a minimum.

2 – Who is your most successful client?

A proven track record of success adds credibility so don’t be hesitant in requesting this information. Perhaps if your goal is weight loss the personal trainer could provide before and after pictures.

3 – Could I speak with one of your current clients?

If your personal trainer is bona fide they would be prepared to make contact for an existing client to have a conversation with you. This is similar to the scenario where if you were planning having building work done on your home you would ask the builder to allow you access to talk to previous customers.

4 – Are you insured and a qualified first-aider?

Things can and do go wrong with the human body and there’s always a risk in everything we do of an accident. Make sure they’re fully covered (ideally request to see the original copy of the insurance certificate) should you need it and with this peace of mind in place, crack on with the great results from your training.

5 – How would you describe your Personal Training approach?

For a successful relationship identify the trainer’s style of training. It would be foolhardy to expect to enjoy sessions if you’re looking to improve your flexibility and the trainers approach is hard core weight training!

Naturally as advocates of the training we deliver here at the Academy of Fitness Professionals we hope you’d consider working with one of our personal trainers. However, either way I hope these questions help you on your quest to find the right Personal Trainer for you and if we can help with some advice do let us know.