Great Ways To Reset Your Body This Weekend

It’s Friday!

After a busy week the weekend is upon us and we start to think about our plans. Before you know it, like a whirlwind it’s gone. The alarm rings, its Monday morning again and another week begins.

So I urge you to stop. Think about how you can get the most from your two days of rest and relaxation and press your re-set button so next week is the best one yet.

To help get you started check out my 5 tried and tested great ways to help align your body, mind and soul.

1 – Take part in forgettable fitness.

This doesn’t mean you forget to do it! But that you find a fitness activity that blows away the cobwebs, clears your mind and helps you think creatively seeing the world more clearly. For me it’s cycling. I find the motion of the bike, the terrain and the natural landscape all merge into one and literally I’m miles away.

The benefit? Seeing things with clarity, being more receptive to others ad realigning my purpose and motivation.

2 – Spend proper time with a loved one

It doesn’t need to be complicated. Something as simple as switching off the TV, knocking up a stir-fry and treating yourselves to a glass of red. It’s amazing with a little pre-planning how much you’ll enjoy each others company. So why not make it a weekend to really take the time to listen and engage in quality conversation.

3 – Invest in a doodle book

Release your imagination and de-clutter your mind from those traditional ways of thinking. You’ll find the more you doodle the more new thoughts and ideas will pop into your mind. Jot these down and revisit them when you’re ready.

As we move from childhood to adult hood our creative thought processes, curiosity and willingness to take a risk can get a little stilted. Free up some space and watch your mind unravel and you’ll be more open to new ideas.

4 – Go for a slow walk

Personally I love to hike. I like to challenge myself and enjoy the feeling that comes from walking at pace. So the concept of slow walking was a new one on me and definitely a learned skill! Trust me it sounds far easier than it really is. My advice? See it as a challenge and just go with it. Allow your normally active self to go at a slower pace. Soak up your surroundings and check out all the new things that you normally pass by. Let yourself and your mind wander, watch your body relax a few notches and enjoy the freedom of moving in a lower gear for a short while.

5 – Eat something new

My final tip to activating your reset button. Ask yourself if you’re in a food rut? You know what I mean, the same meals cycle in and out and regardless of whether you’re cooking from scratch or not we end up eating the same things over and over, cooked the same way and eaten more or less at the same time.

Whether you dust off a cook book, find an on-line recipe, book a different type of restaurant or something else – embrace being a different sort of foodie and you’ll be amazed what’s out there to be tasted and discovered.

Enjoy your weekender!!