Personal Trainers are busy people! Typically they start early, often with clients from 6am and can work late into the evening to 9pm and beyond. With their days packed with client sessions, PT preparation and new client enquiries it’s no wonder there’s little time to spare for marketing their business.

But consider this for a second. Whilst it may seem like you’ve a solid reliable client base right now, the reality is that over time your personal training clients will come and go. You rely on each and every one of these customers as your bread and butter so it follows that sustaining a strong pipeline of new leads is an essential business practice that’s pivotal to your success.

We understand first hand that marketing may not be at the top of your daily to do’s – after all we’re told this on a daily basis by our students on our personal trainer courses. However, if you can put aside half an hour a day for some highly effective marketing you’ll find that you’ll not only sustain your client base but open up the potential to grow it too.

1 – Build a Social Community


social media

Pick a couple of social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter and use them regularly to develop your local network. Just 5-10 minutes each day of activity here grows your follower base and gets you increasingly known within your immediate locality.

2 – Have a Monthly Offer



Recommend a friend and receive a £25 gift voucher, buy five personal training sessions and get one free, save 5% on our summer beach body plan. This gets both your clients and social network talking so once you’ve come up with your great offer be sure to communicate and share it.

3 – Referral Partners



Spend a little time each day growing your referral partner network. Great sources of reciprocal business for you as a personal trainer and for them in their respective professions are; Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, GP’s, Fitness Managers and Fitness Instructors, so network, network, network.

4 – Be a High Street Buddy

high street

During the business skills part of our Level 3 personal trainer course in London you’d probably expect us to discuss social media, and you’d be spot on! Perhaps, surprisingly, we also cover the importance of the somewhat neglected high street. Yes, fast becoming a plethora of coffee shops, hairdressers, beauty salons and estate agents, but these are all awesome sources of leads.

So it’s in with tradition. Get a stack of business cards and leaflets made and be a regular high street visitor. Get to know your local modern day high street retailers and be sure to tell your clients about them, so you’re also lending them a helping hand.

5 – Concentrate on Your Customer


Your clients are your very best brand or business ambassadors – they buy your service. But are you using this resource wisely? Ask them for contacts you could meet up with for a chat who might be interested in some personal training sessions. You’ll be amazed where something so quick and simple leads.


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