Reasons our Fitness Instructor Training Includes Nutrition

When Fitness Instructing your primary role is concerned with a person’s physical fitness. However, given that diet, activity and results are so interrelated we believe it’s essential you’re in the know when it comes to nutrition. Here’s how our fitness instructor certificate and fitness instructor dilpoma qualifications have got it covered.

1 – You’ll get to grips with the different types of food we need to eat, and in what proportions to have a healthy nutrient rich diet.

Armed with knowledge and along with awareness of your member’s nutritonal habits you can support them with their food related goals.

2 – Eating a healthy, balanced diet is a vital part of maintaining good health. It provides quality fuel that will support your member’s energy levels.

We train you on methods to help members make dietary changes that last. By taking on board your healthy eating advice clients will maximise results from your carefully developed and highly effective exercise programmes.

3 – The UK population is becoming increasingly overweight and obese. You’ll be working with gym members who have joined your gym specifically to lose weight and get fit. If you simply focus on the exercise part alone they may not gain the results they were hoping for. In its simplest terms weight loss is a result of using up more energy or calories than you take in from food and drink.

This is called the energy balance equation and we get to the core of how you can use it to help clients reach their goals.

4 – People often confuse hunger with thirst and forget that water is a vital resource for human life, health and function. Find out how every organ, tissue and cell in the human body depends on a readily available supply of water to function correctly and how rapidly the body can dehydrate.

Learn the questions to ask and the clues to look for that are indicative of a lack of hydration.

5 –When working with your members it’s important your ask questions so that you can understand their lifestyle. You are then able to help them make positive changes that will support their health goals both inside and outside of the gym.

We develop your interpersonal skills and ability to ask great questions so that you are able to form a cohesive picture of your member’s lifestyle, offering professional expert advice.


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