5 Reasons Students Choose our Personal Trainer Courses in London

The London Personal Trainer market is big business. With top PT’s earning a personal trainer salary that exceeds the £150 per hour mark and plenty of clients to go round now’s a great time to turn your love of fitness into your ultimate career. When it comes to choosing their course provider our students who are looking to become a personal trainer in London know they’re in expert hands. Here’s how we support our students and graduates in achieving their qualification and breaking into the London PT market.

1 – Flexible study options fit into your busy lifestyle

Time is precious and it can be hard finding time in between work, family, travel and social commitments to fit in your study. That’s where our flexible learning comes in offering the benefit of tapping into your studies at a time and place to suit you with your personal tutor supporting you all the way.

2 – Great training at great prices

Just because your goal is to become a personal trainer in London, it doesn’t mean you should pay a higher price for the privilege. We are proud to offer our students the highest standard of training, backed up the REPs accreditation and external NCFE endorsement, and all for a great price.

3 – Learn tried and tested start up tips for the London market

With over 30 years of industry experience and insight into the London PT market our graduates gain access to tried and tested ways to build a thriving client base.

4 – Stand out with a niche

From the professional corporate client in the heart of London’s financial district, to running Boot Camps in the Royal Parks, to strength training for seniors, whilst studying for your personal trainer qualification in London, we’ll show you the low down on how to tap into the capital city’s niche markets.

5 – Learn from top performing London based Personal Trainers

You can’t beat learning from others who have already reached the pinnacle of their PT career. That’s where our tutors come in. They are successful personal trainers in their own right and provide you with expert tuition, guidance and mentoring to help you shape your personal trainer business in the London market.

The Academy of Fitness Professionals provide the gold standard in accredited personal training courses with state of the art training fully endorsed by REPs, Skills Active and the NCFE.  Their specialist knowledge features in the UK health and fitness media including the Mirror, BBC2 and Women’s Running.  This is the ultimate learning destination for those serious about their fitness industry education and long term career as a Personal Trainer.