Signs It’s Time To Spring Clean Your Workout

Humans love routine. Our everyday habits breed familiarity and with consistency comes a certain calmness. If you work out in a gym on a regular basis you may well have an exercise routine that keeps your training on the straight and narrow. It may go something like this – 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength training and a 10 minute cool down and stretch finish. Take a look around you and you’ll spot familiar faces also going through their prescribed training plan. Why? There it is again humans love a routine. If this is starting to resonate with you or your personal training clients then perhaps it’s time for a good old spring clean.

Cast your mind back to the first time you completed your current training programme. How would you describe it? Perhaps you found it challenging, energising or a little bit complex to begin with. You may have enlisted the help of a Fitness Instructor to tailor your exercise programme to your goals, but how long ago was that?


Common Signs Your Workout Needs a Shake Up


1 – I’m training but not making any progress

2 – I’ve been following this workout plan for months

3 – It’s all a bit too easy

4 – My body shape hasn’t changed

5 – I do the same things in the same order

Whether you realise it or not it’s easy to fall into a fitness rut. The weeks whizz by and what was once an awesome workout becomes a nasty case of going through the motions. Here’s the deal – your body adjusts to its training pattern, so for optimum results you need to continually fine-tune and give your body a ‘shock’ to generate new results.

Simply put, train the way you regularly do not.

If this all sounds a bit familiar it’s time for a fitness review. Gym Instructors can help adjust your training plan and suggest new ideas. Alternatively an hour with a Personal Trainer will prove a great investment. They’ll spring clean your workout in no time giving your body a healthy shake-up, with new exercises, sets and repetitions clearly mapped out for you to follow.


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