Ways to Extend Your Personal Training Service to Teenagers

Shocking but true – close to a third of UK 10-11 year olds are now classified as overweight or obese. For many a love of technology and gadgets has replaced a love of sport, activity and fitness. This increasingly sedentary lifestyle is causing a crisis for many children who are fast approaching the most image conscious stage of their lives, the teenage years. Many argue that this period in a young persons development is critical to laying down positive lifestyle, nutritional and exercise habits. Great habits become ingrained for life…but so do bad ones.

As teenagers enter a phase where image and appearance are perceived as everything is it any wonder more and more are seeking the expert help of a personal trainer. This is opening up a relatively new and untapped niche market for on the ball personal trainers looking to work with diverse young people whose spectrum of needs ranges from weight loss right through to the next generation of up and coming athletes.

1 – Help Lose Excess Pounds

Many parents are caught in a vicious cycle of knowing their child is overweight but feeling powerless to solve it. Enter the personal trainer being someone both parents and teenager can relate to. This type of one to one support away from prying eyes gets great results and breaks down bad habits fast.

2 – Positive Push

Let’s be honest the teenage years are confusing – up one minute down the next, there’s lots going on. Exercise helps keep mood on a even kilter and all those endorphins give a much needed positivity boost helping teenagers love who they are.

3 – Shaping Up

Many who don’t need to lose the pounds are body conscious. It goes without saying that exercise and fitness go hand in hand with being in great muscular shape.

4 – Young and Gifted

It’s the teenage years that see the transition from a child who’s good at sport into someone who has true potential as an up and coming athlete. Behind the scenes of their chosen sport, personal training hones and pushes their specialist talent as events such as county trials come to the fore, helping them reach the top of their game.

5 – Buck a trend

Yes we have an obesity issue in this generation, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Parents are getting more and more clued up on how hiring a personal trainer can help them take action and deliver positive change that simply doesn’t work when left to their own devices the parent is in the driving seat.

Ways to get started

  • Offer healthy lifestyle talks at local schools and community groups – you’ll soon get talking to parents after your expert help and support.
  • Attend local sports clubs and find out who they think would benefit from young and gifted personal training. Chat to parents and offer taster sessions, word will soon get around!


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