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Maybe it’s got to the stage where friends and family are asking you to train them or fellow gym members are seeking you out for fitness advice?

For many a personal trainer this is an all too familiar tale. Perhaps you’re at the point where a cursory glance across the gym floor confirms to you that it’s time to switch careers?  With your level 3 personal trainer certificate or diploma qualification underway here’s how we help students just like you transform a love of fitness into your day job.

1 – Start to build your own contacts in the gym and sound out those interested in working out with you professionally. Note these in a future client’s book building up a warm contact list for when you’ve passed your PT course and are ready to practice.

2 – Offer your time to gyms in your area in return for the ability to offer personal training to members. This is a great way to start out as you avoid the overhead of a monthly gym rental and get immediate contact with current and new members who may be interested in having you as their personal trainer.

3 – Offer niche seminars to females, seniors and sports specific groups. Charge a nominal fee redeemable against their first personal training session.

4 – Ask a close friend or family member to be your first client. We all have to start somewhere and they’ll give you honest feedback!

5 – Play to your strengths. What is it about working out and fitness that you really enjoy? Whether its strength training, triathlons, cross fit, HIIT or something else this is an ideal starting point to build on. After all like attract like and your talent will naturally shine through and be sought after by those seeking this type of fitness experience.

To find out more about our exciting range of Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications contact us and we’ll be on hand to help you further.

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