Weighty Ways to Target That Summer Six-Pack

Want to help your personal training clients achieve that sculpted look for the beach this Summer? Now’s the time to take action. With about 12-16 weeks before that all important summer holiday follow these 5 weighty ways and your clients will be beach ready before you know it.

Here’s how:-

1 – Commit to exercising 5 times a week

2 – Follow one of the two exercises shown below every training session

3 – Focus on anaerobic strength training

4 – Up your protein intake – especially eating almonds and walnuts

5 – Drink plenty of water ~ take your bodyweight in kilo’s multiply by 0.033 gives your daily water intake target in litres – oh yes and that’s the stuff you can see through!

The Science Bit

The six pack on both males and females is made up of the rectus abdominis, internal and external oblique’s and transversus abdominis muscles.

The good news is that these muscles respond well to intense specific and effective training…the bad news is that the average male or female seeking that sculpted abdominal look will have a fair bit of work to do.

The reason? The average person here in the UK spends way too long sitting down and being sedentary. These muscles therefore tend to be slack, under used and often hidden well away under a layer of abdominal fat.

A straightforward and highly effective way to condition the deep abdominal wall muscles and improve their appearance are these no nonsense exercises:-

Four Point Tummy Vacuum

Four Point Tummy Vacuum personal fitness london

Technique cues

Position your hands directly below your shoulders, knees aligned directly below the hips as shown.

Let the contents of your stomach relax so there is no tone.

Breathe in and as you exhale draw the belly button inward towards the spine.

Hold the belly button in this position for 10 secs without holding the breath!

Relax for 10 secs – that’s your 1st repetition!

Repeat for 10 reps for your first set

Perform 2-3 sets

Four Point Horizontal

four point horizontal personal training london

Technique cues

Same as the above but bend your elbows so your torso is parallel to the floor as shown. Hold this elbow position for the duration of the set.

Now go on and practice!


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