6 Amazing Discoveries on your Gym Instructor Course

6 Amazing Discoveries on your Gym Instructor Course

Decide to become a professional Fitness Instructor or Gym Instructor and you start an exciting journey exploring how different people look, think and function. Discover why one person’s response to exercise is so different to another? Why is it that we respond in various ways to food and life’s stressors and how can tailored individual training provide answers that far exceed a one size fits all approach?

Finding solutions to these powerful questions lies at the heart of the Fitness Instructor role. By truly connecting with and understanding each individual client you will be able to instil gradual change that has the potential to rewrite lifelong habits supporting your clients with achieving their personal fitness and health related goals.

Read on to discover how your Fitness Instructor course equips you with the know-how and talent to deliver these results.

1 – It all starts with top notch anatomy and physiology

You wouldn’t expect to build a car without a good knowledge of all the fundamental components and it follows that you can’t expect to deliver awesome workouts to your clients without a solid understanding of how the human body functions.
Your comprehensive training provides fascinating insight into the circulatory system, respiratory system, the human skeleton, joints and the muscular system. In addition you will learn about key energy systems and the nervous system and how they relate to exercise.

2 – You’ll conquer the art of great coaching

Are you familiar with the saying it’s not what you say but how you say it? Great coaching is key to achieving results for your clients and your motivation, inspiration, drive and persistence will see many clients achieve what at the outset felt like the impossible. You only have to look at the elite athletes of today to see first-hand the difference a true connection with a great coach can make.

You will learn how to form effective working relationships with your clients, how to tackle barriers to exercise and how to deliver consistently awesome customer service. With these skills comes the ability to coach clients so that they develop the physical and mental determination to achieve their desired results.

3 – The skilful application of health and safety

Health and safety is anything but ticking boxes! Your learning here will empower you to train clients safely yet effectively. You will be able to maintain health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment by taking a lead role and using subtle techniques to deliver a safety first approach.

You will learn about emergency procedures within the fitness setting, key health and safety requirements, how to identify and control risks and how to safeguard children and vulnerable adults.

4 – How to apply the principles of exercise, fitness and health to each client

Great Fitness Instructors are always noticeable on the gym floor, but why? Perhaps it’s the fact that they took the time during their Fitness Instructor course to develop and build an understanding of exercise that enables them to carefully match different exercises to different clients’ needs.

During your learning with us you will gain the key knowledge a Fitness Instructor needs to programme safe and effective exercise for a range of clients together with the health benefits of physical activity and the importance of healthy eating.

5 – How to plan highly effective gym-based exercise

Have you ever noticed a really diligent gym member who trains regularly and yet they get nowhere? Months on and nothing has really changed. Perhaps they go all out on cardio-vascular training, perhaps they follow the same workout in the same order, or maybe it’s the same class routine week in and week out.

Sadly training frequency alone will seldom deliver the desired results and the missing link is so often a clear plan that aligns exercise requirements to the client’s desired goals. This is where the Fitness Instructor comes into a league of their own deploying carefully sculpted programme design strategies. These result in highly effective exercise sessions that deliver results.

You will discover how to collect, interpret and use client information to design and plan safe yet results focused gym-based workouts.

6 – How to instruct with confidence and flair

At this stage in your course you’re nearing your end goal of becoming a fully qualified Fitness Instructor. What makes all the difference now is your ability to instruct your workout in such a way as to inspire client buy in and commitment.

This is your time to shine and you will acquire the techniques to instruct, supervise and reflect on gym-based exercise so that you’re ready to start your exciting new Fitness Instructor career.

If you’re thinking about a career in fitness you can request a copy of our prospectus and career guide here.

The Academy of Fitness Professionals provide the gold standard in accredited personal training courses with state of the art training fully endorsed by REPs, Skills Active and the NCFE. Their specialist knowledge features in the UK health and fitness media including the Mirror, BBC2 and Women’s Running. This is the ultimate learning destination for those serious about their fitness industry education and long term career as a Personal Trainer.


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