Pillars of Resistance Training Loved By Personal Trainers

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Execute these 6 pillars of resistance training to achieve a healthy, effective strength based workout that delivers results.

  1. Breathe Easy

Resistance training is about controlled even movement and this requires steady evenly paced breathing.  Be on the lookout for the absence of well-paced breathing that’s in sync with the exercise.  If you’ve got the right resistance there’s no need to hold your breath or overly exert when breathing out.

  1. Full range of motion

 Maximum muscle tone comes from the controlled use of the muscles maximum range of motion.  This packs a real punch by recruiting the most muscle fibres, driving calorie burn and enhancing range of flexibility.  Weights should be challenging but enable you to stay in control at all times.  A great litmus test is if it’s possible to easily stop at any given point in the exercise should the need arise.

  1. Fantastic Form

 Squeezing out a few more reps should never mean the end result is compromised form.  Always resist any desire to top up with a few more reps in exchange for great form.  It can lead to soreness that makes it harder to commit, together with all types of injuries.

  1. Time Under Tension

 Effective resistance training is all about the time duration that different muscles are worked during a rep or set of reps.  Also, known as time under tension this is skillfully managed by great personal trainers who carefully craft programmes with differing tempos creating different muscle adaptations.

  1. The Right Repetitions

 Carefully prescribed repetitions will deliver the changes your client is seeking in their shape.  One size doesn’t fit all and depending on individual goals the right mix of reps leads to different muscle changes.  Use high reps for endurance, medium reps for growth and low reps for strength.

  1. Client Focused Programming

 Last but by no means least, know your client.  Be flexible and adapt your programme to reflect the tough day at work or feeling full of energy.  A sure fire way to keep your clients motivation at its max knowing the results will follow.


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