Whether you’re a new Personal Trainer or have some years of experience under your belt there’s nothing more important to your clients’ success than keeping them motivated.

Motivation is a friendly force in exercise. It guides us through the highs so we climb even higher and makes the lows nothing more than a temporary blip.

De-motivation however is an exercise killer! It’s all consuming and strikes out of nowhere. Suddenly that new fitness plan and all those great goals are long gone.

Here are 6 ways to maximise client motivation during your personal training sessions – how many are you following?

1 – The pat on the back

Give positive feedback throughout the session. A new exercise that went well, good technique, a heavier resistance and so on.

2 – Remember them

Send a friendly text or direct message via social recognising that they had a great session and reminding them of the next.

3 – Variety is the spice of life

Suggest new workout ideas for in between bookings. A run/walk programme, a yoga class to wind down, a weekend family bike ride.

4 – Goal building

Ask powerful questions that reaffirm and reset client goals and keep things moving positively forwards.

5 – Measure and track

Focusing on a huge fitness goal is for most a fast route to failure. Break it down into small chunks, monitor progress and keep going with those small wins. Suddenly that huge goal has taken care of itself.

6 – Share stories

No one likes to be in a place where they feel they’re the only one. Use other client stories as reminders they’re not alone…confidentially of course!


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