6 Signs it’s time to become a Fitness Instructor

6 Signs it’s time to become a Fitness Instructor

Our level 2 Fitness Instructor training provides the perfect entry point into a career in fitness. Choose from the Certificate or Diploma qualifications and kick-start your new career in an expanding and growing sector where you’ll be helping gym members obtain the very best from their workouts.

To get started you’ll need to complete your Fitness Instructor course which can be done from as little as 6 weeks with our popular fast-track route. You’re then ready to apply for fitness jobs and from there new career and professional development opportunities await.

If you’re keen to explore how to become a Fitness Instructor check out our 6 signs below and see if this is the perfect career fit for you.

1 – Fitness is your passion

As a qualified Gym instructor you will lead, inspire and motivate individuals and groups with their exercise programmes. Your work will introduce you to a wide range of different people who you will coach and support on different exercise activities. There’s also the potential to lead group related exercise classes such as spinning and circuits.

If you love a good workout, find yourself checking out the latest developments in exercise, sport and nutrition and rarely miss your gym sessions then becoming a Fitness Instructor makes an ideal career match.

2 – You’re great with people

If the idea of helping people from different backgrounds and of varied fitness abilities appeals to you this is a massive asset. Fitness instructing is discreet and about each individual gym member’s needs so it’s helpful if you’re naturally chatty, upbeat and enjoy getting to know people and understanding what makes them tick.

3 – You like learning on the job

A typical day for a Fitness Instructor involves meeting members, completing inductions and exercise programme reviews, checking the safety of equipment and being an accessible presence on the gym floor.

Whilst the duties are broadly similar across fitness clubs the people you meet and work with are all different. If you like the idea of helping different members, researching useful fitness information and tailoring exercise to their specific needs then on the job learning will suit you really well.

There’s also lots of opportunities to develop your career in a more structured way by qualifying as a class instructor or obtaining your Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training. These options complement the level 2 duties really well and enable you to grow your salary and earnings potential along the way.

4 – Team work appeals to you

Gyms are busy places and their success is built on the efforts of a great team.

Take for example a simple but common issue such as a fellow Level 2 Fitness Instructor identifying a problem with the air conditioning on their evening shift. They make a note of the issue for you to pick up at the start of your shift the next day which you then action. Alternatively, you might complete a new gym member’s induction and identify a number of complex issues that would benefit greatly from some sessions with your colleague who is a level 3 Personal Trainer.

Pulling in the same direction is win-win. It maximises gym member experience as well as the gym’s success and stems from consistently outstanding team work.

5 – You’re a role model

Change doesn’t come easy and for the vast majority of gym members your gym instructing role plays a massive part in helping their new exercise regime not only get underway but also stick.

Members need to look up to you and be inspired so if you’re naturally active, adopt the principles of a healthy lifestyle and can motivate others to achieve the same you’d be a real asset to the role.

As members buy into your ideas and suggestions you’ll be able to work closely with them to adopt and follow your fitness plans and techniques helping them achieve their personal goals.

6 – You find it hard to sit still

If you’re always on the go, like doing different things and find it hard to stay in the same place for too long the variety the Fitness Instructor role has to offer should certainly appeal.

Entry Requirements

To get your new gym career underway you will need to complete your Level 2 Fitness Instructing qualification. Once complete you’ll be able to apply for gym-based roles and there’s even the possibility of starting work sooner as an Assistant Instructor gaining valuable work based skills training up to the point you’re fully qualified.

If you’re thinking about a career in fitness you can request a copy of our prospectus and career guide here.

The Academy of Fitness Professionals provide the gold standard in accredited personal training courses with state of the art training fully endorsed by REPs, Skills Active and the NCFE. Their specialist knowledge features in the UK health and fitness media including the Mirror, BBC2 and Women’s Running. This is the ultimate learning destination for those serious about their fitness industry education and long term career as a Personal Trainer.


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