If you’re thinking of qualifying as a personal trainer you’ll be joining a booming sector that is increasingly sought after by an expanding market to tackle the inactivity epidemic that is contributing to so many health issues here in the UK.

With schools increasingly squeezed for space and many children and young adults not getting any exercise beyond the school gates, personal trainers are increasingly working with the younger generation to help tackle their inactive lifestyles and obesity levels.

At the opposite end of the spectrum with 70 feeling for many like 50, the senior population are living longer and seeking the active lifestyle and quality of life to go with it. This highly specialised group is attractive to advanced personal trainers who have the skills and expertise to assess for exercise contraindications and prescribe safe, effective training programmes.

Of course in between kids and seniors are many other types of clients all seeking expert help. For some this is the battle of the bulge whilst others will have a solid fitness background and be looking for advanced fitness expertise to accelerate their training and results to the next level.

Your 6 Step Plan to Train to be a Personal Trainer

1 – Choose from the level 3 certificate or diploma to get your personal training course underway

2 – Sketch out your business plan. Think about:-

What sort of PT clients you want to work with?

Where you’ll generate clients from?

Where you will train from?

What sort of prices you plan to charge?

What’s special about your service?

3 – Start to build up your potential client base by keeping a book of client leads

4 – Explore gym rental opportunities in your area

5 – Understand/chat to your local competition. Think about:-

Who else is personal training in your locality?

How long have they been established?

What prices do they charge?

Where do they train from?

6 – Plan your budget. If you plan to go freelance think about:-


First Aid

Training venue

Joining REPs


Website and phone

Ready to take the next step and commence your personal trainer training?

The Academy of Fitness Professionals provide the gold standard in accredited personal training courses. With state of the art training fully endorsed by REPs, Skills Active and the NCFE and specialist knowledge that features in the UK health and fitness media including the Mirror, BBC2 and Women’s Running, this really is the ultimate learning destination for those serious about a long term career as a Personal Trainer.

T – 0845 270 1990

E – info@aofp.co.uk

W – www.academyoffitnessprofessionals.com


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