It’s never a bad thing to seek out a little inspiration.

Maybe you’ll be pumped up a lot? Perhaps you’ll challenge your status-quo? Maybe you’ll decide to take a different track and seek out new goals and opportunities?

Motivation is a relentless unstoppable force. It comes from within, is a learned skill and helps you exceed what you think is your personal maximum. Combined with the help and support of a great coach why should there be a limit to your capabilities?

Nothing quite beats the world of sports to see motivation at its very best. The personal triumphs and the falls, the dogged determination, the discipline required to conquer that end goal and the pure grit that delivers a continual ability to refocus.

These awesome sports quotes provide a good old dose of positive inspiration that’ll keep your wellbeing tip top.

Emil Zatopek

“An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.”

Venus Williams

“Some people say I have attitude – maybe I do…but I think you have to. You have to believe in yourself when no-one else does – that makes you a winner right there.”

Alex Shaffer

“People don’t win because they’re physically stronger. It’s because they’re stronger between the ears.”

Usain Bolt

To all my doubters, thank you very much because you guys have also pushed me.”

Carl Lewis

“If you don’t have confidence, you’ll always find a way not to win.”

Roger Bannister

“Doctors and scientists said breaking the four-minute mile was impossible, that one would die in an attempt. Thus, when I got up from the track after collapsing at the finish line, I figured I was dead.”

Michael Jordan

“Some people want it to happen. Some people wish it to happen. Others make it happen.”


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