9 Must Know Facts about Becoming a PT

9 Must Know Facts about Becoming a Personal Trainer

Life as a Personal Trainer is fun, exciting and diverse. You’ll be working with a variety of clients with different needs and backgrounds and it’s fair to say no two days are the same.

The best Personal Trainers we know are ‘people persons’. They’re curious about what makes their clients tick, the challenges they face and how they can help them achieve their fitness, health and lifestyle goals. This curiosity and desire to help leaves no stone unturned in their quest to deliver the ultimate in bespoke training solutions.

Curious to know more? Check out our top facts below on how to become a success Personal Trainer with a buoyant client base and Personal Trainer salary to match.

1. Make service special

Why is it we all remember exceptional customer service? Perhaps it’s because we’ve been truly understood and a real connection has been made. Clients who invest in personal training are seeking a bespoke solution that truly stands out.

2 – Don’t be in a rush

Go about it correctly and your Personal Trainer career will last you a life-time. So what’s the rush? Take the time to correctly invest in your fitness industry training picking up all the necessary skills to truly shine when assisting your clients. Be prepared to build your client base little by little so that you can expand your service in a manageable way that ensures clients will stick around for many years to come.

3 – Above and beyond

Why is it we’re so drawn to those little extras in the hotel room? After all the complimentary drinks, coffee machine and toiletries don’t cost a lot. They create a feeling of surprise or delight that makes us feel that bit special and looked after. Just like hotels, Personal Trainers are providing a service. In your quest to become a top Personal Trainer it’s important to think about how you can make clients feel you delivered far more than a one hour workout. Complimentary towels and water save your client valuable time planning ahead. A workout to keep training ticking over whilst they’re on holiday is an unexpected delight. Small things mean a lot and create huge added value to your client’s experience.

4 – Focus on the long-haul

Just like that 12 hour flight needs to feel worth it when you finally arrive at your destination so too does your PT service for clients who stay loyal for many years. Revisit training objectives regularly and truly understand what’s happening in their world so that you can continually deliver the wow factor.

5 – Have clear targets

Goals aren’t just for creating awesome workouts. They’re also the key to unlocking your true potential as a Trainer. Whilst studying for your Personal Trainer Certificate or Diploma qualification you’ll have learnt all about reflective practice. Be sure to put this to good use when it comes to growing your business. Set aside an hour a month and revisit your plan to keep things on track.

6 – Diversify

The best Personal Trainers we know are open to trying new ideas. Some may be a great success whilst others may fall by the wayside. There’s only one sure fire way to find out, by being bold enough to try something new. So whether it’s nutritional programmes, fitness apps, boot camps, on-line training, group classes or something else give it a go.

7 – Be Business Minded

Know from the outset that you are running a business. Cost your time appropriately and run an efficient ship with time set aside for marketing, accounts, client research, networking and consultations.

8 – Get a Coach

Just like your clients are seeking out your expertise to coach them in fitness think about the value a coach can offer you in accelerating your business. A great place to start is a well-established PT who may be willing to help as a mentor.

9 – Knowledge is a powerful thing

Become a Personal Trainer and you enter a world of continuous learning. There will always be a new client with a condition you haven’t come across before or additional business skills you need to learn. With knowledge comes the ultimate opportunity for success.

If you’re thinking about a career in fitness you can request a copy of our prospectus and career guide here.

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