9 Key Ways Successful PT’s Operate

By Peter Lemon, Chief Trainer at the Academy of Fitness Professionals

Peter Lemon Personal Fitness Trainer

Ever wondered how the top Personal Trainers get there?  Because they regularly do these 9 things that set them apart from others…
Whether you are a Personal Trainer already or are thinking of becoming a Personal Trainer, you want to be successful – right? But how do you get there, and how do some trainers climb to the top and get to be the best of the best?
In my journey I have worked with a wide range of people all aspiring to be great Personal Trainers and all seeking success. Of course, success differs by and is personal to the individual, but over the years I have noticed distinct skills and attributes that set great trainers apart.
Here are the 9 things top trainers do. Give them a go and watch how they can improve your business.

1 – They Set Goals
Personal training is a business. The very best trainers know what they want to achieve, by when and how they will get there. Start with a plan for the year with 2 or 3 main goals, then break this down into quarters and months, with a few smaller goals and financial targets. The mistake of many is skipping this or thinking it’s hard. The best goals I’ve encountered over the years are the simple ones, followed diligently.

2 – They are Flexible
Different clients have different needs, budgets and time to commit. Great trainers adapt and flex their service to their client needs building win-win relationships all the way.

3 – They Appreciate
Top trainers know that they are in a service based business. They value each and every client contribution, thanking them sincerely for each session, building connection and rapport that maintain client commitment and loyalty.

4 – They Inspire
Just because someone booked you as their Personal Trainer it doesn’t mean results will automatically follow. Great trainers inspire and enthuse their clients with motivational talk, new exercise techniques and snippets of info. All of this put together makes their clients take notice and respond; they’re inspired to get the results.

5 – They Assess
The best of the best know each day’s/week’s bookings, month to date revenue and how this compares to the month’s goal. They take action along the way delving into the detail to achieve their personal maximum.

6 – They are Curious
Top Personal Trainers never stop learning. They love a new client with a problem they’ve not seen before – what a challenge! They love a new fitness idea and sussing out if it’s a fad or here for the long-haul! In a nutshell, they believe there’s always more knowledge to gain.

7 – They Network
Every top trainer I know has an effective network of others who all come together to help them achieve success. Things change all the time and when they do the network pulls together as a much stronger force that just the trainer alone. A personal example here is a trainer I know who relocated and sought my advice on trainers to refer her clients to locally.

8 – They Train
Sounds obvious right? Wrong… Look at any top Personal Trainer and they will look the part, train hard and eat clean. They know they are the walking talking example of their service.

9 – They Repeat
Personal Training is exciting and overall is a great business to run. It can be highly lucrative with hourly rates exceeding £50+ per hour. The best focus on a few things they know they do really well and set them apart, and then they repeat. They grow their business in many ways later on; filling the diary, extra services, employing others, setting up their own studio/gym…the possibilities are endless. But the common factor is repetition steers the winning formula.

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