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Personal training – there’s no career quite like it and it’s far from a one size fits all option. Getting paid whilst helping clients look, feel and live a quality life is a feeling like no other. A constant source of fulfilment with huge earnings potential, flexible hours, the joys of being your own boss and all the while doing something you’ll truly love.

In this feature we ask our Chief Tutor and Personal Trainer extraordinaire, Peter Lemon, to give us the low down on what our students can expect from a typical day’s personal training, once they’ve graduated from their personal trainer course.

6-9          First clients of the day – typically prime time for business people keen to fit in that early morning workout that sets them up for the day.

9-10       Free time – a great opportunity for your own workout, client administration or business marketing activity such as social media.

10-1       Client time – popular timeslots for mums, those working from home and retired seniors.

1-2          Lunch – it’s important to schedule a proper lunch break, as well as keep some flexibility to respond to messages, new enquiries and catch up on what’s happening in your locality.

2-5          Client time – popular with local business people, teenagers, young adults and retired seniors.

5-6          Free time and Eat!

6-9          Evening clients and small groups – many trainers combine client one to one time and group activities such as boot camps and running clubs, planning out a range of activities on different days of the week.

Now I’m not saying your personal training career means you’ll start and 6am and finish at 9pm every day – far from it! I have been there and it’s not the smartest of ideas! What I can tell you is that there are clients who’ll be seeking an early time slot and those looking for one at the other end of the day. Whilst you can say yes to them all and maximise your earnings, your work life balance will be shot and let’s face it how long can anyone sustain burning the candle at both ends?

To maximise all that personal training has to offer, set appointment time slots into your diary and stick to them. From experience the majority of clients appreciate a fixed time slot to fit into their personal schedules so you’ll quickly carve out a typical week’s routine.

Peter Lemon has a vast array of personal training experience spanning more than 17 years. His fitness advice has been featured in the Daily Mirror, Women’s Running and BBC2. He is a passionate fitness and health ambassador and founder of the Academy of Fitness Professionals dedicated to teaching the next generation of personal trainers everything they need to stand out and truly succeed.

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