Awesome Ways to Grow your Personal Trainer Salary with a Speciality Service

Many things attract our learners to become a personal trainer including a love and passion for fitness, an enthusiasm to help others, seeking a career change and a desire to work for themselves, growing their own PT business.

If this resonates with you then you might be wondering if personal training is a good career choice and how to go about establishing your client base so that you can achieve the personal trainer salary you’re aspiring towards.

Well the good news is that personal training services are very much alive and growing.  The power of exercise is increasingly recognised by the medical profession as ‘natures medicine’ and services such as exercise on prescription, walking groups and post-operative exercise rehabilitation are all very much in demand services. 

The Benefits of Choosing a Specialty

When you’re reaching the end point in your fitness industry education and are about to graduate as a level 3 personal trainer it’s time to think carefully about how you can stand out in your field of expertise.

Let’s take an everyday visit to a shopping centre as an example.  What is it about the different products and services that stand out to you?  Are you drawn to the big retail brands or niche boutique outlets offering something a little special and different?  Then consider how this applies to your personal training business and the type of services and clients you plan to work with.

The next step is to think about what marketing people would call your unique selling point or USP. 

What is it about YOU that stands out from the crowd as the ‘go to’ Personal Trainer?  Base your decision on a genuine area of interest and need within your marketplace.  This might be body sculpting, kid’s fitness or post-natal strengthening and conditioning.  Alternatively, other great examples include weight loss and senior fitness which are seeing increased demand for personal trainer services at present.

With the growing needs of different client groups and the expanse of the internet more and more clients are seeking out specialist trainers and are willing to pay a premium for their expertise.  This is a great way to start your business and grow your client base.  It makes financial sense too with the potential to accelerate your personal trainer salary by charging a premium for your niche services.

Choosing to work within a specialty market like client cardiac rehabilitation, for example, positions you as an expert and opens up many avenues and possibilities. The solution you provide is to help the client lead as normal a life as possible, post cardiac event and/or post operation.  Your role would be to assist suitable clients with effective exercise program design and coaching generating yourself recurring, financially profitable appointments.

And if it’s your love of a particular sport that’s taken you on the journey to completing your personal trainer qualifications then why not specialise in working with like-minded athletes?  Whether it’s football, tennis, rugby, triathlon’s or something else, the cream of the crop work closely with personal trainers on bespoke fitness plans that help with their quest to reach the pinnacle of sporting success.

The Academy of Fitness Professionals provide the gold standard in accredited personal training courses with state of the art training fully endorsed by REPs, Skills Active and the NCFE.  Their specialist knowledge features in the UK health and fitness media including the Mirror, BBC2 and Women’s Running.  This is the ultimate learning destination for those serious about their fitness industry education and long term career as a Personal Trainer.

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