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Forecasted to be one of the top growth industries in the UK by 2020, the fitness sector is already booming. With the continual rise of an ageing population (25% of the UK population will be aged 60 or above by 2020), the demand for healthcare support jobs, which include fitness trainers, personal trainers, and gym instructors, is predicted to grow by 26% over the next decade.

That is why it is time to launch a career in the field today. By getting a head start on the crowd that will be vying for these jobs in the very near future, personal trainers who become certified promptly will have an incredible edge on the field by gaining valuable experience. They can also put themselves in a position to be considered for management when all the others entering the industry need to be trained and supervised.

The Academy of Fitness Professionals can help tomorrow’s personal trainers and fitness instructors get started on the path to long and prosperous careers by providing industry-accredited fitness qualifications. During their time with us, we want to see our students succeed and provide them with all of the tools needed to do so including free business skills training. However, we don’t stop helping our students when they get their qualification. Instead, we continue to assist them with post-qualification support. While this service is standard and we happily provide it, most of our students never need to make use of it because they are highly sought after once they enter the industry and they progress rapidly in their chosen vocation.

For anybody interested in catching a trend on the upslope, the time has come to take the first step by contacting the Academy of Fitness Professionals and getting a head start on the field.


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