Build Your Client Base

1. Get selling – the business side of personal training is not rocket science.

Great sellers are great listeners. They are able to hone in on their clients exact requirements and offer personal training solutions that fulfill their needs. Invest in a few useful texts to educate yourself on proven strategies. Our favourites include ‘To Sell is Human’ by Daniel Pink and ‘Get Clients Now’ by C.J Haydn.

2. Get marketing – learn effective ways to promote yourself and your service.

Remember clients buy personal trainers in the same way people buy people! Trust us, a tried and tested approach is to organise and host presentations to your target audience. This is an excellent strategy for lead generation!

3. Expect rejection and churn

A difficult one we know but the reality is for a whole host of reasons you will not be everyone’s Personal Trainer of choice. To build a strong client base you need to always have an eye on where your next client is coming from and appreciate that some clients will come and go.

4. Cost your own time properly

Our personal training business’s scarcest resource is YOUR time! Only spend it on areas where you add the most value.

5 Be tenacious

Immerse yourself with people who will support you and always maintain a positive outlook. Set goals to grow your business early on. These might include selling your service at a discounted rate if your client buys a block of 5 sessions, taking bookings for clients who require 2-4 sessions a week and offering a customer loyalty or recommend a friend scheme.

6 Get a mentor

Seek the advice of someone who has been there before. What went well? What would they change looking back? What has been their best 6 months so far and why?


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