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Discover great ways to delight your personal training clients and keep them motivated to come back for more.


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Plain and simple, personal training is a lifestyle choice. Your clients choose to invest their spare time and hard earned cash working with you to achieve their health, fitness and lifestyle goals.

Your job is to lead the session, design the training and ultimately deliver results.
But what keeps them coming back for more?

You do – whether you have one client or over 100 clients you are the key factor in whether your client/s feel they have found a trainer who yes gets results but is one they ‘gel’ with and ensures they have fun along the way.
Here at the Academy of Fitness Professionals we call this customer delight.

Customer delight can be broken down into generic things that you do for all your personal training clients and bespoke things tailored to what you know about your different customers.

Here’s an example.

One of the complimentary items we suggest our personal training graduates provide for their clients is a 250ml bottle of mineral water, such as

Evian or Volvic. Frequently on offer in supermarkets they retail for roughly 25p a bottle.

Some waters are kept at room temperature; others are refrigerated so clients have a choice.

The water is one less thing they need to remember for the session, gives a little something extra, and the choice of premium brand reinforces that your client is highly valued and you want them to feel special. And of course it goes without saying that we all know water benefits our health!

Other great examples include; complimentary towels, health and fitness books you loan out or a monthly e-journal exclusively written for your clients.

These things don’t cost a lot but are little touches that separate you from the rest. Surprisingly these are also the things that get clients talking providing a great source of future referrals.

Get to know your clients hobbies and interests


Client delight is often intangible and comes from the conversations you have. Take the time to follow the progress of their favourite football team, cricket team or TV programme and tailor your conversation to their areas of interest.

A small gesture goes a long way


Everyone loves a nice surprise. Small personal gestures are greatly appreciated and show how much you value your client and their business.
Here a few ideas to get you started.

If your client loves fashion get to know where they shop for clothes. Should that particular client then refer you a new client what better way to delight your existing client than to present them with a small gift card bearing that shops name. This could also apply to a book they’d find of interest or a healthy food you think they’d enjoy trying.

Remember these small gestures go a long way in building positive, valued and long lasting business relationships.


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