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6 Ways to Drink More Water

Water makes up around two thirds of the human body and is essential for survival. There are many benefits of drinking water and it’s vital to drink enough at regular intervals to maintain a healthy balance and help feel at our best.

When it comes to helping our bodies work properly drinking water is super important. It carries out a range of functions including regulating temperature, flushing out waste, transporting nutrients and supports digestion. So it should come as no surprise that when it comes to keeping our bodies hydrated water takes the top spot and is our beverage of choice here at the Academy of Fitness Professionals.

So what’s so great about drinking water? It’s cheap, easy to access and vital for optimum health. If you ever feel a bit sluggish during the day and think it’s time for a sugary or caffeine fix, try a glass of water instead and wait for the energy boosting effect.

When it comes to staying well hydrated there’s no doubt that drinking sufficient water holds the key. Yet, for many of us drinking the recommended water per day of approximately 2 litres or roughly six to eight glasses is a bit of a chore. Instead tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, ‘grab and go’ drinks, squashes and cordials, fruit juices and smoothies, milk shakes, frappes and alcoholic beverages are all consumed as alternatives. Whilst there may be a water element these choices as a whole contain caffeine, sugars, additives and alcohol.

If you’re keen to drink more water and are after a little bit of inspiration to get started here‘s our favourite ways to add some excitement to your H2O.

1 – Go citrus

Add a slice or slices of your favourite citrus fruits to your drinking water and wait for the flavour transformation. You’ll get more or less of a citrus hit depending on the amount you add. If you prefer a less bitter taste try adding just the fruit and if you are after a subtle hint of flavour try just a little of the peel.

2 – Spice things up

From warm ginger to turmeric and the fragrant flavour of the cinnamon stick. Spices are jam packed with antioxidant properties and take drinking water in a whole new direction. A little goes a long way when it comes to spices and they’re great with warm water for a soothing drink and crushed ice for a refreshing pick me up.

3 – Five a day

To achieve greater benefits from drinking water try a water infusion with a healthy fruit bonus. Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries all taste great with water and when your drink is finished you can enjoying munching on the berries for an antioxidant boosting bonus!

4 – Hot or cold

Don’t be shy of mixing things up. Hot drinking water can be incredibly comforting and soothing on the body with the added bonus of revving up your digestion. Cold water is our post workout drink of choice helping you to feel refreshed and lower your body temperature so it returns back to normal levels. And, if you’re after a metabolism turbo charge burning a few extra calories along the way drinking cold water can give your weight loss efforts a boost in the right direction.

5 – Get veg-tastic

If you’re into savoury tastes vegetable water based infusions are a great option. Celery and cucumber work well together or why not try a slice of fennel for an anise like flavour.

6 – Herbal sensations

Get creative and experiment with a whole host of herbs to add flavour and interest to your water. Mint, parsley, basil, peppermint and rosemary are all excellent choices. A little goes a long way so for a subtle hint add just a few leaves and for a stronger punch add a few sprigs.

Drink more water by making water your beverage of choice

Converting to drinking more water requires self-motivation, determination and a desire to change from current drinking choices. Building healthy habits takes time before gradually shifting over to being a normal part of your daily routine.

Here’s our top tips to help you along and achieve your recommended water intake per day.

Always carry a water bottle

Keeping your water bottle filled up and within easy reach maximises the chances that you’ll automatically drink from it.

Get creative with infusion jugs

Keep a readily available infusion jug that complements meal choices and time of day on the table. Try citrus or berry water based infusions for breakfast and relaxing herbal combinations for dinner time.

Adopt healthy restaurant habits

Always ask for a jug of tap water (mostly it’s free!) or a bottle of mineral water in a restaurant. The simple fact that it’s within easy reach on the table will help you drink more water, even if it’s alongside a glass of wine treat.

Sip regularly and simply drink more water

Avoid getting into the dehydration zone from not drinking enough water by sipping a little water regularly throughout your day.

Check your urine

Pale urine is a sign you’re well hydrated and darker urine is a sign you need to drink water to prevent dehydration.

Remember water sports

Water and Sports sit together! When you’re participating in sport or exercise there’s a need for regular water intake.

Drink more water by going technical

Whether it’s a drinking water tracking app like Hydrocoach which sets handy reminders or a high tech water bottle, there’s plenty of options when it comes to tracking your daily intake the technical way, making sure you maximise all the benefits of drinking water.

Add some bubbles

For variety, mix things up with a glass of carbonated water, some ice and a slice of lime.

There you have it, our easy ways to drink more water, feel better for it and build lasting lifelong habits.

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