Navigating the Reality of Fitness Industry Training: What You Need to Know

The fitness industry training sector is undeniably competitive, with numerous providers offering similar qualifications. However, not all training packages are created equal. While some providers tout guaranteed interviews with leading health clubs upon completion of their courses, the reality may not match the enticing promises.

The Truth Behind ‘Guaranteed Interviews’

These so-called ‘guaranteed interviews’ often turn out to be for self-employed positions within health clubs, where you’re required to pay weekly or monthly rent to operate. Unfortunately, this crucial detail is often omitted during the enrollment process, leaving students blindsided at the end of the course.

The Catch with Loan Schemes

Some providers offer ‘loan schemes,’ allowing students to pay a small deposit upfront and repay the fees over the next 12 months. While this may seem attractive initially, it comes with significant risks. Since the interviews promised are often for rented positions, it may take time to build a client base and generate income. Meanwhile, loan repayments kick in immediately, regardless of your financial situation.

Hidden Costs and High Interest Rates

These loan schemes are not backed by banks and typically come with exorbitant interest rates, averaging around 39%. This means you could end up paying hundreds of pounds in interest each year on top of your fees.

The Reality of ‘Career Days’

Instead of focusing solely on training, some companies sacrifice valuable training time to host ‘career days,’ where health club managers pitch rental opportunities to students. If you’ve paid for training, you should receive the full amount of instruction promised without distractions.

Navigating Personal Training Opportunities

While rented personal training opportunities can be lucrative for experienced trainers, they may not be suitable for newly qualified individuals. Building a successful personal training business takes time, and the last thing you need as a new trainer is a hefty loan hanging over your head.


This article aims to shed light on the realities of fitness industry training and the pitfalls of certain schemes. While rented positions and loan schemes may work for some, it’s essential to weigh the risks and consider alternative paths to success in the fitness industry. Remember, true mastery in personal training comes with experience, not just qualifications.