Find out why so many fitness routines fail and what can be done to keep things on track

Have you noticed how practically every day there seems to be another gloomy tale of health and fitness woe to read about? Our children are becoming obese, we eat too much sugar, computer games and gadgets have replaced exercise, one in three adults is obese and our children don’t exercise for ½ hour a day…the list is endless!

The sad truth is you don’t have to look very far to realise that there’s a huge dose of truth in what’s reported.  If we’re really going to push back the health issues that are just waiting in the wings to burden generation after generation we need to act…fast.

Changing habits is a tricky business

First, there’s the need to recognise there’s a problem.

Second, have you accepted it’s an issue and do you have a desire to change?

Thirdly, you need to know how to tackle the problem and seek relevant expertise.

Fourthly, you need to have on going drive, commitment and motivation to make things happen.

Thankfully help is at hand! Enlisting the help of a level 3 REPs accredited personal trainer is a worthy investment. With sessions ranging from once a month to two to three times a week it’s easier than you might think to gain expert one to one help for a budget that suits.

How can a Personal trainer help?

If you’re of the opinion that Personal Trainers simply dish out exercise, it’s time to think again.

To become a personal trainer requires serious study and commitment. Your trainer, as you may well expect, will have been put through their paces studying anatomy and physiology, nutrition, exercise assessment and programme design. But did you know they’ll also have studied human mindset and motivation? In short, they know how to get the very best commitment from you and ensure you stick with your new lifestyle and training regime.

Take our students here at the Academy of Fitness Professionals, they learn how to complete robust client lifestyle assessments, which upon graduation they carry out with every client as standard. With this information they have a clear picture of their client’s health, fitness and goals enabling them to develop a tailored highly effective plan that delivers results.

Making it happen

Sound familiar? If you’re in need of an expert helping hand here’s our top 5 tips to finding a truly awesome personal trainer.

1 – Find out about their level 3 personal training qualification.

2 –Is their training course endorsed by an approved body?

3 – Ask to speak to a current client or to see client testimonials

4 – Find out about what happens in the first meeting and what assessment/s would be carried out prior to working with you

5 –Do you gel – is this someone who you think can get the best out of you and help tackle your weak spots?


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