Fitness Courses for Sports Fans

Fitness Courses for Sports Fans

Starting a fitness career can be a hugely rewarding profession, offering high levels of job satisfaction, work variety with the potential to grow earnings along the way. Over recent years the profession has seen increasing career popularity as people recognise more and more the need to invest intelligently in their health and fitness. Our fitness courses for sports fans provides the ideal platform for your fitness career.

This growing demand has led to further employment opportunities for Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers. What’s more by working with a wide range of clients from all walks of life job satisfaction levels are high as each client presents new challenges and goals seeking much needed support and expertise. But what about the wannabe Fitness Professional who is seeking more specialist fitness courses for sports fans and their career path?

Sports Specific Personal Trainer Careers

The role, responsibilities and profile of personal training has evolved massively and big name professional sports are firmly in the frame when it comes to the added value an expert Personal Trainer can give to their team’s performance.

Take suspension training and football for example. Personal Trainers in the know love this piece of training equipment because of its emphasis on imbalanced muscle movements. This helps deliver the physical conditioning required for Premier League footballers to apply directly to the requirements and rigours of the game. This type of functional fitness training prepares the body far more precisely for the game than traditional gym based training would alone.

During our fitness courses you will explore these concepts known as the law of specificity. This is the concept that takes all the guesswork out of the training requirements for your client because in short, your client’s body will adapt to the specific type of training you select for them. The law of specificity states that the adaptations that take place in your client’s metabolic and physiological systems are specific to an activity. For example, specific aerobic exercise generates specific endurance changes to the body of your client like an increased cardiac output. Aerobic fitness is best developed for a particular activity like running or cycling. A runner should run, a biker should bike! So you would not find Sir Bradley Wiggins out training for a 10K to improve his bike performance! Why? Simple, he follows the law of specificity!

Behind many a great athlete is an awesome Personal Trainer working alongside their coaches and physiotherapists to deliver elite exercise training that keeps them injury free and helps them reach their sports optimum.

Mix and Match your Fitness Course

With so many Personal Trainer career options available there’s also the potential to mix and match working alongside sports pro’s and transferring your skills to help private clients. This makes sound business sense enabling those with a passion for fitness to build lucrative careers and personal training businesses to match.

If this sounds like the job for you it’s important from the outset to choose the right fitness courses to help you on your way. Our sports specific personal training students work alongside specialist tutors, who from the very outset tailor their studies so that they are directly suited to their end career goal. So whether it’s coaching triathletes, fitness for golfers, endurance events or something else, we’re on board and here to help.

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