Fitness Round Up – March Edition

Welcome to the March edition of Fitness Round Up, keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world of fitness news. Whether you’re at the start of your fitness career, looking to advance to a Personal Trainer role or simply have a keen interest in fitness, our news bites take the hard work out of staying in the know.

We hope you enjoy, Peter Lemon, Chief Trainer.

£1000 for an hour of PT!

Heard about Fabrice Le Physique’s hourly rate? Whilst a little bit of all of us might secretly aspire to be the next celebrity personal trainer we love the fact that personal training provides a way of helping the majority rather than the elite few. Then again, once we started debating how a level 3 personal trainer can transform human health we started to wonder if it was time to re-evaluate the value of this investment to clients?

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month March 2015

March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Spread the word – are you or the women in your life Ovarian Cancer aware?

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The Fight to Keep Kids Healthy Ploughs On

A recent BBC survey highlights that a staggering 52 out of every 100 kids don’t eat any daily veg! With childhood obesity soaring and now affecting a third of this generation, and rising, the role of nutrition in a fitness professionals repertoire is surely more crucial than ever.

NutriFit Clinic Personal Trainer Gym and Studio

The Rise of the Micro Gym

Every wondered how Personal Trainers climb the next rung on the career ladder? For many the rising popularity of the UK micro gym may hold the answer. We reveal 5 easy steps to turning that dream into a reality.

The truth about sugar

The Truth About Sugar

Fiona Phillips returned to our screens in this must see documentary, available on iPlayer, giving the low down on why there’s so much fuss about sugar. Our top tip for personal trainers – ask clients to check those food labels, they’ll be in for a reawakening shock!

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