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Fitness Training Spotlight - Help Clients Be Workout Ready

Help your clients establish a fitness training routine

Ask your personal training client or gym member what has motivated them to head to the gym and there’s sure to be reasons that easily spring to mind. Perhaps it’s weight loss, a sports event, a desire to get fitter, a means of de-stressing, results from a recent medical check or simply a need to be more active. What is quickly apparent is that there will be a reason, goal or objective that can be directly linked to providing a motivator for them to train.

Once you’re client has an established fitness routine making time and being committed to training is as simple as making your morning cuppa…it’s becomes part of their weekly norms. But consider for a moment the novice just starting out on their fitness journey… things can in fact seem a little hazy and daunting.

The decision to join a gym or work with a Personal Trainer can lead to massive gains and transform client lives, but it’s important to pause for a few minutes and think about your new client who is taking a huge leap of faith in you and your abilities and probably pondering over how to make the right impression and feeling just a little bit overwhelmed.

So here’s our top tips fact sheet on preparing your clients for their exercise session. Be sure to cover these bases in your telephone or email communications with new clients and offer helpful advice that will put them at ease ahead of that very first meeting.

What clients won’t tell you

It’s easy especially if you’ve recently starting your fitness career to focus on the session itself. You’ve booked an appointment, prepared everything you need to run the session and from your perspective everything is ready.

Here’s a quick heads up … clients new to the fitness environment may be unsure about what to wear, how they look, what sort of exercises they’ll be asked to do, what drink to bring and even where to meet you. They may well be determined to give it a go but full of nervous energy and apprehensive about trying something new.

It follows that ensuring your client is settled and well prepared for their first workout starts before your first meeting and it’s your job to guide them every step of the way.

What may seem like starting the obvious to a highly qualified Fitness Professional can in fact greatly reduce any pre session anxiety your client may be experiencing and set a fantastic first impression.

How to Prepare for your Exercise Session

Time and Place

Be clear on what time and where you are meeting. For larger gyms make sure there’s an agreed meeting point such as by the gym reception.
Exercise sessions typically range between 30 to 60 minutes depending on the type of activity and individual fitness levels.

Less is more at the start and shorter exercise sessions that develop into regular lifestyle habits can be a great place to begin.


Your Personal Trainer or Gym Instructor will be focused on prioritising your safety. Expect exercise sessions to start off slowly and develop gradually over time as your experience, technique and fitness levels progress. As gains are made in your fitness; suppleness, speed, stamina and strength the intensity at which you are trained can gradually increase.


You wouldn’t advise someone running a marathon to simply grab their running kit and trainers on the day and fingers crossed hope for the best! Preparation for this type of event takes place months ahead with a gradual build up over time of distance covered, speed and frequency of runs.

The same logic applies to every fitness session completed which should contain three distinctive components; an effective warm up phase, a main activity and a cool down phase.


It’s important ahead of your first session to consider the purpose of the exercise session. It can also be really helpful to jot this down.

Ask yourself, what is it I want to achieve and why? Remember your trainer is a qualified expert in their field and they will have experience of working with different types of clients looking to achieve a wide range of differing goals.


Making sure you have had sufficient nutrition and fluid in the few hours leading up to your training is essential pre workout preparation.
Ineffective nutrition and hydration could lead to problems, such as headaches, exhaustion and dizziness, which can greatly hinder performance.

A well fueled and hydrated body will serve you well resulting in the right energy levels to participate in a safe, enjoyable exercise session that supports your intended goals.

And for the session itself? All you need is your water bottle.


Wear sensible clothing and footwear suited to the activity that you will be doing.

Breathable clothing keeps your body at optimum temperature whilst allowing you to freely sweat and perspire and the correct footwear gives you just the right level of support. Choose clothes for comfort over the label or fashion trend.


Understanding the signals your body is giving you regarding your physical and mental well-being is a vital aspect of your exercise preparation. If your body is saying it needs to go easy it’s important to listen to these cues and share this with your trainer at the start of the session. The same applies if your body is well rested, energised and ready to go… all signs that you’re in good form for a more challenging session.

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