Help Your Clients Rediscover Childhood Fitness

Too busy to find time to exercise? Remember those hazy childhood days when you seemed to spend your life outdoors – fitness didn’t get a second thought it was all about fun. With so much to do and so little time for many clients fitness tends to either be a planned pass time or something that never quite leaves the to do list.  Whether you’re a Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer if this pattern sounds all too familiar perhaps it’s time to lend your clients a helping hand and encourage them to spend some valuable time out reacquainting themselves with their childhood fitness roots.


Just 5 minutes


Kick a ball, throw and catch, grab a skipping rope or reacquaint yourself with the art of space-hopping. Whatever it is it’ll be the most reinvigorating 5 minutes of your day and the most fun you’ve had for ages.


Rediscover friend and family time


Warmer weather, school holidays and bank holiday weekends are the perfect time to get outdoors with a bunch of mates or your family. Rounders, tennis, cricket, bikes rides – all perfect ways to have fun and you’ll forget about the fact your being so active at the same time.

The lunchtime sunshine boost


Just 15 minutes of lunchtime movement, such as a brisk walk in the early afternoon sun will leave you brimming with positivity for the afternoon and help you beat the dreaded 4 o’clock slump.

Be wild about nature


When was the last time you went for a leisurely hike in the woods or local lido? This mood boosting activity helps ward off depression and boosts endorphin levels whilst you’re simply soaking up the wonders of nature and your surroundings.

Pedal power


There’s nothing better when it comes to blowing away the cobwebs than a good old fashioned bike ride and as the old adage goes it’s something no one ever forgets.


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