How to achieve a great personal trainer salary

It’s pretty easy to earn £50k salary by becoming a Personal Trainer. In fact it can be achieved in 4 simple steps;

Step 1 – Gain your personal training qualification

Step 2 – Set up your business

Step 3 – Nurture your clients

Step 4 – Adopt a consistent marketing and networking plan

So how achievable is that?

Let’s do some basic number crunching.

To achieve a salary of £50k as a Personal Trainer you need to consistently turnover £4167 per month. Allowing for 4 weeks for holiday this equates to £1042 per week or 26 hours per week selling their time at £40 per hour.

personal trainer salary

Top Tips to Maximise your Personal Trainer Income

If personal training sounds like the career for you then check out these top business tips used by our very own trainers’ here at the Academy to grow their income to the maximum.

1. Own a piece of the Web

Set up a fantastic web site which tells potential clients in simple terms exactly what you offer and what you can do for them, backed up by some inspirational client testimonials. Potential clients want to know the answer to the question “What’s in it for me?”

Build your credibility by positioning yourself as the go to Personal Trainer by regularly updating content with informative blogs and helpful advice on the latest health, fitness and nutrition news.

Once you’re up and running identify the keywords that are important in your locality to ensure you’re easily found on Google and other popular search engines when your target customers are searching online for your personal training services.

What’s next? As time passes we anticipate that more of your future clients will find you via their mobile smart phone.

We highly recommend you have your website constructed by a professional organisation who could also assist with PPC and SEO if required. This should be low cost so if you’re quoted anything more than a nominal amount evaluate if you really need all the snazzy features. Remember from your future clients point of view simple, effective communications that encourage them to find out more about personal training with you is all that’s required.

2. Identify PT client markets you wish to target

Less is more here so that you can create a name in your local area and be a proven expert. Don’t pluck client groups out of thin air, take the time to properly evaluate the type of Personal Trainer you are and the clients’ you work with the best. From here it’s time for a reality check to ensure you would actually enjoy servicing this market.

We know of Trainers who that thought the weight loss market would be their trump card only to discover that the complexity of working with these types of clients wasn’t for them.

3. Consider working with the senior sector

Within the UK today we are continuing to experience an aging population and in our experience this sector is more focused on their health and fitness than ever before. With a desire to stay active and healthy and for many retirement offering some much valued free time, regular personal training with a highly qualified fitness expert is the ideal fit.

Click here to find out how this market could be attracted to your services.

Pursuing this segment makes perfect business sense to grow your Personal Trainer salary. Invariably this demographic have the time (2-4 sessions per week are attainable) and disposable income to afford your services. Do a fantastic job with them and typically friends will get to hear making for some decent PR and potential referrals – yes word of mouth marketing is king in this business!

Remember to reward any referral with a client specific gift. For example, your client likes to shop with Waitrose and John Lewis, say thank you with a gift voucher bearing the name of their favourite brand.

4. Set financial targets including revenue and profit

It is quite staggering to hear of a number of Personal Trainers who for whatever reason do not know how much money they will earn today, tomorrow, this week, next week or next month.

These types of Trainers are also those that lack clients! In life there is a saying you get what you focus on so to achieve your salary aspirations it’s vital you focus your attention on knowing how you will meet these targets. Appropriately reward meeting your financial targets spurring you on to an even better income.

5. Upsell extra services

The work you complete for clients is invaluable to their success but it’s also your bread and butter. Don’t lose sight of the fact that training programmes to complete outside of one to one personal training sessions, nutrition plans and consultative work are all chargeable aspects of your service.

And for those clients who are seeking a one stop shop offer a package of different services to match.

If you’re thinking about becoming a personal trainer or fitness instructor you can request a copy of our prospectus and career guide here.

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