How to Become a Gym Instructor in 3 Easy Steps

With autumn fast approaching it’s the perfect time to plan your next career move.

The Role of the Gym Instructor

More people than ever are seeking out ways to boost their activity levels, exercise and get fit.  With their gym membership in hand it’s time for a qualified fitness instructor to step in and offer valuable support in the form of a gym induction, exercise programme design and heaps of motivation and support.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Fitness Instructors are busy, in high demand people who work as part of a wider gym team keeping members safe whilst they workout and providing a friendly, helpful source of knowledge and expertise.

If this sounds like your ideal job here’s our 3 step plan on how to become a fitness instructor.

1 – Choose your Course

To gain employment in a gym you’ll need a level 2 Gym instructing qualification.

Choose from the Certificate in Fitness Instructing or the Diploma in Instructing Exercise and Fitness.

The Certificate is an ideal entry level fitness qualification.  You will learn and develop key knowledge in anatomy and physiology, health and safety, communication skills and client motivation as well as how to plan and instruct member specific training.

The Diploma is perfect if you’re keen to supervise others within the gym setting.  In addition to the Certificate course content you will study a specific module on how to instruct and supervise gym-based exercise.

To complete your fitness industry training with both fitness instructor courses you will participate in a practical skills workshop and build your very own portfolio to showcase everything you’ve learned.  The workshops provide skills based training on the new member induction and orientation process, conducting warm-ups and cool downs as well as running the main training session.  You’ll also get to practice key exercises which focus on cardiovascular and strength training aspects of fitness as well as how to pick up on exercise contraindications and correct these.

2 – Your New Job Awaits

It’s time to compile your CV and apply for fitness instructor jobs.  Many of our learners appreciate a little help here and your personal tutor will be pleased to assist.

3 – Plan Your Next Step

Mission accomplished….well almost!

Lots of our course graduates decide this is the perfect time to plan their next career step by completing a personal trainer course or nutrition course opening doors for their future career choices.


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