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Personal Trainers, like teachers are great coaches. They impart their knowledge and expertise onto others delivering potentially life transforming results. Whether you’re looking for a Personal Trainer in London, Birmingham, Bristol or beyond there are some common traits that for us at the Academy of Fitness Professionals your trainer simply must have.

If you’re thinking of booking a Personal Trainer, be it to help with weight loss, strength and muscle definition, fitness, endurance, toning or flexibility you’ll want to know you’re in good hands, making a sensible investment of your hard earned cash and benefiting from the expertise of a trusted qualified expert.

Before you go any further it’s important to know that Personal Trainers work in what’s known as an un-regulated industry. This means that technically anyone can set themselves up and start to practice. This is an aspect of the fitness sector where the Academy of Fitness Professionals team would love to see change.

A great trainer has studied hard. They can demonstrate to you, via their Personal Trainer qualifications, a proven track record of their knowledge, understanding and application of exercise science to improve the way humans look and function.   A poor trainer will have gone for the quick-fix. They may well operate as a perceived expert and indeed look the part, but dig a little deeper and ask yourself how did they acquire their skills? Have they proven their talents through a credible personal training certification process?

You probably wouldn’t choose to book a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor who was self-taught. So why should things be any different when it comes to choosing your Personal Trainer? Hopefully over time this is something that will change and robust regulation will come into play. This will help the consumer select their Personal Trainer confident in their proven expertise.

Ahead of this if you’re seeking the services of a Personal Trainer check out our handy top 10 must haves below. Ask for an initial meeting or consultation (this should be free but keep in mind it’s a chat not a workout) and find out if they tick these boxes.

1 – They studied a REPs accredited Personal Trainer course – just like the ones we teach.

2 – Their qualification is independently accredited – meaning it’s been endorsed by a third party giving assurance of course content and calibre.  For example, our courses are all approved by the NCFE, National College of Further Education.

3 – They are part of an independent body. Two popular choices here are REPs and the NRPT.

4 – They continue with their professional development. Would you trust a doctor who wasn’t up to speed with advances in medicine? Probably not. Why then would you hire a Personal Trainer who wasn’t up to speed with the latest developments in exercise and holistic health?

5 – They under promise and over deliver. This is your health and fitness we’re talking about here. Great Personal Trainers are passionate about helping you reach your goals and are always well prepared for every session.

6 – They’ve a proven track record. Everyone has to start somewhere so if the trainer you’re considering is newly qualified seek an endorsement from their training provider instead.

7 – They’re insured with first aid certification

8 – You get on

9 – They tailor everything to you and your goals – after all this is not a one size fits all service.

10 – They can apply their skills and knowledge in practice. Find out how they learnt the practical side of Personal Training? Are you confident they’ve been ‘signed off’ as ready to practice within their course programme? For example, our students all attend practical’s as part of their Personal Training course in London, an essential part of developing their future talent.

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person trainer certification london