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You put all the hard work into getting off to a great start with your new personal training client, are building a great working relationship…then suddenly you hear no more from them – you’ve lost their business.

Let’s be honest. This isn’t something you’ll hear Personal Trainers talk about and it probably didn’t feature in your personal fitness trainer certification programme either, but trust us, it happens.

We’re not talking about those clients who seek the expertise of a Personal Trainer for a short period of time, or those clients who cycle in and out of their training with you – this is all natural client churn that you know about and should expect. What we mean is a client who’s been working with you for a while now, consistently and suddenly you lose them.

The sudden departure of a client in this way will probably leave you baffled. You’ll try to make contact but to no avail and are left wondering if something went wrong, and if so what, how and when?

In this feature we’ll reveal 3 secret ways Personal Trainers can maximise their chances of keeping these clients for the long-haul. And yes we’re talking decades and beyond!

1 – Use client check ins to deliver a constant WOW

Remember that feeling your client had when they first started their fitness training with you? Excited, keen to make some positive change, full of aspiring fitness goals, a little bit nervous – sound familiar? They leave their PT sessions buzzing, keen for the next one and having had a great time.

Unless you constantly make adjustments, keep things fresh and always add value, little by little the hazy excitement of their early training sessions is replaced with a routine – and we all know if we’re not careful routines can at times become a tad repetitive.

Your Solution

Make sure you check in regularly with your client. How would they rate their enjoyment of the session from 1-10, then ask why? What did they like and dislike about the workout?

Next, set a vision planning a few sessions ahead, incorporating new exercises, which may well be a build on as your client progresses.

Ideas to get you started

-Cycle different exercises at a similar fitness level in and out, keeping their training dynamic.

-It’s a great day; suggest heading outdoors and working on walk/run intervals, hill climbs or HIIT sprints.

-Spend the last ten minutes of their session working on a foam roller stretch and flexibility routine.

-Give them ‘homework’ relevant to their goals and check progress next time.

-We all like the odd surprise – a jar of coconut oil to try, a walking programme your create for their holiday, an interesting article that caught your eye – remember simple low cost things that can mean a lot.

2 – Stay on top of ‘relevant’ trends

Personal Trainers work in an industry that a bit like the world of education is constantly evolving. When you studied to become a personal trainer you would have expected your course to be up to date teaching you current skills and techniques relevant to the fitness sector. But what’s happened since then? Have you kept up to date and expanded your knowledge or are you a little in the dark?

Long term clients will have a higher level of expectation that your skills are constantly evolving and that your finger is on the pulse of what’s happening in the fitness arena.

Your Solution

Complete regular continuing professional development and join a professional body such as REP’s to easily stay in the know.

Ideas to get you started

-Follow social media sites to keep up to date.

-Suggest new fitness apps that your client might find helpful in the achievement of their fitness goals.

-Share helpful information – our team here at the Academy of Fitness Professionals enjoy blogging as it’s a great way of sharing popular topics from our personal training courses with others who share our passion for health and fitness.

3 – Deliver awesome value for money

Your client should leave every session feeling like that was the best investment of their hard earned cash. Anything less, harsh as this may sound isn’t going to keep your clients for the long-haul.

Your Solution

Maximise their returns from training with you. At times this may be financial, where you reward loyalty with a bulk block payment at a reduced price, but this isn’t always the case so it’s important you know what your client perceives as value. How do you find this out? That’s easy, ask them.

Ideas to get you started

-Your client arrives early for their PT session, if you’re free why not give them 5 or 10 minutes extra and use the time to test out a couple of new exercises.

-Your client’s heading off on holiday in a few weeks – suggest booking 2 sessions a week in the run up. They’ll be in the best possible shape and you’ll have covered their forthcoming missed sessions.

-Measure and record progress at regular intervals and use these as programme evaluation points. A picture speaks a thousand words so take regular snapshots giving your client a visual of how their body shape is changing that they can take home with them.

-Communicate outside the session – you’ll be amazed how much a text message or quick phone call will be appreciated.

Like to find out more? Our personal training courses include a complimentary business skills workshop. Here we teach the next generation of Personal Trainers essential techniques so they can develop and nurture a thriving client base and build a successful business.

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