How to Kick Start your Personal Trainer Salary

We work with learners completing their Personal Trainer courses in London, the Home Counties and throughout the UK.  They are all seeking to become a Personal Trainer and know that qualifying  will set them on the right path to success.  So how exactly does a newly qualified Personal Trainer attract clients?  And what mix of services should they offer to truly kick start their personal trainer salary?

5 Great Ways to Kick Start your Personal Trainer Salary

1 – Small Group Personal Training

Popular options here include friends training together and couples.  If your normal one to one hourly rate is let’s say £40, you could train a couple for £50 and a group of three for £65.  This boosts your hourly earnings, keeps your diary space available for more clients and at the same time lowers the cost per client for the session.

2 – Boot Camps

Still a really popular fitness choice.  If you’re newly qualified think carefully about the class size you can handle on your own or enlist support from a level 2 Fitness Instructor so you can maintain safe trainer to client ratios. With a typical boot camp commanding in the region of £8 to £10 per session, based on a group of 8 participants that’s £64 to £80 for the hour.

Be well prepared if you offer this type of services as  word can soon spread and the potential exists for client numbers to quickly grow.  This is a golden opportunity so think carefully about how you can handle additional numbers rather than turning them away.

3 – Personal Training with a Difference

Chances are you’re not the only Personal Trainer in your catchment.  Be clear on what makes you different and sets you apart from your competitors and be ready to explain this to prospective clients.

It may be that you have your own studio or gym, specialise in certain client groups, or are qualified in certain sports such as boxing, martial arts or triathlon.  Alternatively you may have a particular interest in weight loss, or post-operative rehabilitation.  Whatever it is this offers far more that clients can connect and identify with than simply offering personal training alongside the rest so be ready to explain what makes you different…and you guessed it price your service accordingly.

4 – Corrective Posture

For many the bane of 21st Century living is slumped posture, back pain and an ineffective core.  Hours sitting at desks, in front of the TV and gaming can really take their toll.  A corrective posture service is a great way to appeal to this target market who will be able to directly connect with what’s on offer far more than if you simply called it personal training.

An awesome piece of kit for postural correction work is the foam roller.  Its cheap, light to carry and highly versatile.

Great techniques you’ll encounter in your Personal Trainer qualifications include mobilisations, stretches and self-massage.

This type of service is highly specialist and involves the effective application of your expertise and should be priced accordingly at a premium rate.

5 – Active Networking

In our experience not every client will automatically connect with the need for, or value the service a Personal Trainer has to offer.  This is because they don’t see an inherent or essential attribute of the service they can relate to. For some a slowly slowly approach is needed and this is where active networking comes to the fore.  No, we’re not talking sitting in a meeting room, this is about offering a free or nominally priced activity, such as a running group, that gets you out and about in an active setting within your local community.

For any Personal Trainer who has ambitions of expanding their client base, growing their revenue and ultimately their profits, flexibility and diversity are key.  Stick with aspects of your service your good at and have a particular passion and interest for and your energy and passion will shine through.


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