When it comes to staying healthy, the best defence is often a great offence. In other words, don’t get sick in the first place! These simple tips will help your immune system become strong and are advocated by all at the Academy.  After all days off sick are a killer to your personal training business!

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  1. Take in regular sunlight – the body produces Vitamin D from the sun, and reducing sun exposure reduces the production of vitamin D and adversely affects the immune system. T-cells found in white blood cells need vitamin D to activate them so that they can destroy harmful bugs that enter the body.
  2. Following on from 1. we recommend you have your vitamin D levels checked annually.
  3. Vitamin C, quality probiotics, zinc and coconut oil all help to support the immune system. Immune health and function is strongly linked to the health of the digestive system. Taking good bacteria in a probiotic will help your immune system.
  4. Freely consume nutrient-dense and high fibre foods.
  5. Avoid processed foods.
  6. Avoid sugary foods which serve only to destabilise the immune system.
  7. Be smart with your lifestyle – sleep 8 hours from 10pm and minimize mental and emotional stress!

There you go in a nutshell …. part of the game plan of being a successful Personal Trainer.


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